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WTB: Cold Steel Culloden knife (discontinued model)

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I recently ruined my favorite knife and would like a replacement.
This model is dicontinued and being replaced with a "Braveheart".
I prefer the original model and have no idea why they phased it out.
There are plenty out there in dealer inventory still, but I havent found one yet like what I am looking for.

I would prefer to have the same model as what I had before:
#11SPN MINI CULLODEN (plain edge)

If this is not possible I would accept the more common serated model.

I am interested in the full size models, but only if they are on clearance or otherwise cheap. The full size knifes just dont cut it for daily use.

Thank you for reading this post and any help you can provide in my attept to replace my favorite knife.
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I have one but don't want to part with it, it's a nice size and slim.
I think , and e bay are your best bet.
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I have a mini culloden but it is the serrated version. If you aren't able to find a non-serrated one let me know. I don't use this one and it is in like new condition. Shows no wear. It has the plastic slip in kydex "type" sheath but no belt loop or clip with it.

Just let me know. I don't use it so if you don't need it I'll just stick it back in the safe with the others.
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