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wtb 1911's or 1991's

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any make model working or not please respond even if you only have parts.please pm me
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i have a nib kimber team match 2 45cp 1075
i have a lnib kimber stainless pro tle/rl II 45acp 875
i have a colt lightweight commander xse model 38 super 875
i have colt 1991a1 commander with some work done to it(new hammer,full length guide rod, and mckormick trigger)like new but lost the box 650

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I picked this up on a trade...I really like it and plan on customizing it..etc

The finish is in less than perfect condition and I'd like to refinish it however it's turning out that it may cost more than I want to while I'm making up my mind I figured I would offer it for trade to someone that may be interested..

I am interested in trading for:

Springfield 1911 (4 or 4.25" bbl no GI please)
Kimber (4 or 4.25" bbl)

Cash price? Make me an offer!

Here are some current pics: (Ignore the date in the photo's)

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