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Wst/wtt Usgi< Holsters Misc>

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by flashooter22, May 22, 2004.

  1. flashooter22


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    Jul 31, 2002
    Doing a little spring cleaning in the gear closet to make way for new stuff.

    1. USGI ALICE pack, size med, olive green. excellent condition, 98%. $35
    2. USGI Y harness, buttpack and pistol belt. All in excellent 95%, olive green. $20
    3. USGI canteen and covers. Have 2, one is slightly more brown then the other, both are in 95% shape, olive green $8 each or $14 for both

    1. Uncle mikes Kydex paddle for 1911. This is new in the box, black in color. $15 SOLD
    2. FOBUS paddle for H&K USP, used in great shape $12 SOLD
    3. Safariland 6280 holster for H&K USP. This is in fine tac finish, black. Used for a couple months on duty, in 95% shape. $40
    1. black aftermarket AR/M16 mag holder. Holds 3 mags, ALICE clips, never used $5
    2 Trioxene fuel bars. Bought a case of these and have way too many. Work great for camping, starting BBQs. Come 3 bars to a box I have 6 boxes. $1 a box+$3 to ship them all or 1.

    Also have a KELTEC P32, black, needs to go back to Keltec for repair, slide locks back on each shot and will not close. Been sitting in my safe now for months since I am pissed at it and am too lazy to send it back. Have 1 mag for it and the little pouch it comes with. Have a couple boxes of ammo that I will throw in with it too.Local south FL sale $125 SOLD

    Probably have other crap that I will list as I get going. I can take pics of anything if you want to see. SHipping is included in all prices. I am interested in a couple trades if ya got em

    Pouches..looking for coyote brown or tan, tac tailer single ar mag , blackhawk strike mag pouches, medical pouches, SOtech, CQB solutions. Let me know what you have.

    Email or post here.

    Thanks Jeremy