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All are sold, pending funds

I have a few extra preban mags I figured I would make available to those in need of such things.

The 30s are Center (5) and Okay (10). The 30s were purchased +10 yrs ago. They were test fit, inspected, disassembled, scrubbed out in soap/hot water and then tucked away. They are used, with some finish wear, but the bodies are in great shape. 15 available. $10 ea.

The 20s are Universal (2) and Adventureline (3). These are used as well, with similar finish as the 30s, but they have not been broken down and scrubbed. Also been in storage for several years. They have also been test fit. 8 available. $12 ea.

Shipping is $5. No sales to prohibited locations. Email to [email protected].

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