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  1. A local shop has some Winchester WSF marked way down. I read somewhere it works reasonably well in handgun cartridges, but can't find where I read it or any data on it sofar. Does it work alright in .38 Special? It's cheap, should I?
  2. WSF is a great medium burner that is close to Unique. Although it meters better and is a bit cleaner burning than Unique.

    It would work fine in 38 for warm ammo. It is a little slow burning for 38 bunny farts. I've burned up a fair amount of WSF in 9, 40 and 10 and would probably would use it in 38 if I didn't have a bunch of Unique to burn up.

    If it were a nice deal, I'd snag some for sure! Data is fairly scarce for 38, but the Speer manuals have some loads.
  3. It is one of my favorites for 9mm and .45 it meters in a Dillon powder measure incredibly well. I never came up with a .38 load for it but it’s close enough to unique in burn rate it should be easy to find a load that works.
  4. As noted, it is about the same burn rate as Unique, so I would use Unique data for making up 38sp loads. I love it for mid to full power 9, 40 & 45. If going for target loads, below midrange, a faster powder like W231 will work better.
  5. I use W231 exclusively for low -> mid range 9mm target/plinking loads.
  6. Try WST for 9mm minor, slightly better imo.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I'm going to pick some up later.
  8. WSF is my go-to powder for 9mm 147gr HiTek coated lead loads. Meters great and makes a very accurate round. Been experimenting with it for 40. Great powder IMO.
  9. I started using WSF for .40 S&W. It is a terrific powder in that the spiky recoil of factory ammo is eliminated. It makes the .40 truly fun to shoot! And my velocity is very close to the Federal HST 180 gr. I'm using 180 gr RNFP instead of HP, just what I could get cheap.

    Just yesterday I got to shoot up a bunch of .40 in my Sig P229. What a terrific combo!

    I have also tried WSF in 9mm and .45 ACP. I think I'm going to do all my pistol reloading with WSF. The powder is that good! Of course, I have existing quantities of 700-X to burn through for .45 ACP.
  10. Way too slow for minor, good for full power.
  11. I may still go get it, if they got it. Instead I went and got some rifle powder. I want to shoot homemade ammo in the next M1 match.
    (Did manage to test fired some just before sunset yesterday.)

    I might get over there this afternoon and get some WSF. One thing about it, if I waited this long and they still have it, I might just get it even a little cheaper. Thanks for the input, bros.
  12. To know what cartridges any powder will work best in, you need to understand BURN RATE. WSF has a slower burn rate than Unique, closer to Power Pistol and it will work O.K. in the 38 special as well as the 9mm and the 40 and the 45 ACP but mostly for full power loads. Faster burning powders work better in reduced power bunny fart and target loads.

    Of the Winchester powders, WST and WSL would probably work better than WSF except for plus +P loads. (See Chart)

  13. I load 9 147s to about 900 fps with WSF. Clean, accurate, manageable recoil-great training round IMO.