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Would you spend $300 for a G17 1st gen that wont eject?

  1. Saw a G17 and a local pawn shop. They say it wont eject and will take $300 for it. 1 10 round magazine and it is in good shape cosmetically. What would you do?
  2. i would in a heart beat. Take it to a gssf match and let the armorer have a look if you cant fix it yourself.

  3. I might be able to fix it myself ... i assume that I could just swap parts until it is fixed.
  4. Well, if the barrel feed ramp hasn't been tampered with you should be ok.

    You're going to want to replace all of the springs. (magazine, firing pin spring, recoil, trigger spring, etc)

    You might have to replace the extractor too.

    None of these parts are very expensive. But you're basically paying $350 or so for the gun when you think about the parts that will need to be replaced.

    If you join GSSF you can get a new G17 with 3 magazine for $398 (I believe $398 anyway) So it's something to think about.
  5. I'd be knee deep in that,......quickly!
  6. that would be my guess. The knowledge here on GT will keep you straight. Try and talk them down some more. Worst case send it to Glock to fix.

  7. Thats sort of what I was thinking. A new one would have case and two hi-cap mags I suppose? Plus it would be a later generation.
  8. Offer $250 because it must be sold As-Is not working condition. Stress that you have to take it to a Glock Armorer or Gunsmith for repairs. (If you have experience with Glocks- don't let them know)

    $300 is a lot for a broken gun. It is only $175 less than a NIB Glock 17 with two magazines.

    Pawn shops are not there to do you any favors.
  9. if its an easy fix, why doesnt the gun shop just fix it and sell it for more?

    edit: didnt realize it was a pawn shop
  10. They are asking $349 + tax and told me $300 out the door which basically means they are paying the 9.25% tax and the $10 background check out of their pocket.
  11. I'd look it over real well to insure that there's no barrel bulge, or bubba's on the slide, frame or barrel, and then offer him $250 for it.
  12. The list price on a used gun is nothing more than a suggestion or place to start haggling. He probably paid $100 for the broken gun. He probably told the seller he was buying it as a parts gun....
    I did pick the price of the NIB Glock up to $175. My cost is $445 and I sell $20 over for the transfer + shipping to me.
  13. Unless the slide, barrel, or frame are damaged I'd buy it. It could be that some part of the barrel is worn to the point that it won't cycle properly or someone did some "gun-smithing" to the gun that messed it up, but it's likely something as simple as the magazines or one of the springs. I'd have to inspect it myself, but I'd probably end up buying it.

    "$10 background check"
    If they have an FFL, which they obviously do, the background check doesn't cost anything. They're only putting their own fee on doing a background check, and removing their own fee.
  14. Wasn't there a thread about gun dealers trying to rip people off some where ?

    I know it's a precious 1st gen, but I have to wonder :
    -Why a gun shop can't fix this and then sell it for more...
    -What is so wrong with the gun that the gun shop can't fix it.
    -A new gun is available for just under 400$. And how he can ask 300$ for a broken gun.

    Can some one educate me on how much a decent condition gen 1 go for now a days ? I clearly don't understand the willingness for people to buy a broken gun for 300$....
  15. It is a pawn shop (cash america).
  16. ahhhh ...it all makes sense now.
  17. Maybe a little much.
  18. Pawn shops are in the business of bending people over.
  19. Don't pay more than $250. You're getting one magazine with it and you are going to half to replace around $50 in parts to make it like new.

    $398 you can get a new one with 3 magazines.
  20. I'd ask them if I could field strip it right there in the shop first. You might be able to see whats wrong with it right there. But if it's simple and cheap to fix, I wouldn't tell them what you see that's wrong. Not unless it's something so major that it constitutes a reason for not buying it.
  21. Absolutely...not ejecting can be fixed.
  22. Buy it . I'd pay the $300 for a first gen . I'd rather have that than a new one anyway .
  23. I would start with an extractor for $15 then go from there.
  24. Hell yeah!
  25. Buy it. Between a book called the Complete book of Glock published by POOTOMA and this forum you are gtg. I concur making sure the is no obvious flaw in the barrel and slide. I strongly suspect that a new ejector and some fresh mags will fix this gun. I too, would offer less than the 300 if I could pay cash money. The worse thing the can say is no.
  26. If you have a Glock authorized dealer in town, 9mm and .40 parts should usually be in stock and you can avoid shipping costs for $5 parts.
  27. Buy it and have a friendly DEALER ship it to Glock. They can send it USPS and then it costs about 7 bucks to ship. Glock replaces all the parts for free and pays to ship it back. Ask the dealer for a discounted transfer fee or ask them... "If I buy some ammo, solvent, powder, guncase...etc... will you help me ship in this busted Glock?"
  28. I'd offer them $200 OTD. If they didn't like the offer, I'd walk out.
  29. Does it have the checkering on the front and backstrap or is the whole handle the pebble finish?
  30. I would be all over it
  31. Inspect it. If OK...
    Offer $250. If you have to, settle for $275. Do it...

    Get a Glock Armorer to detail strip and clean it.
    There are lots of guys around who will do this for little or nothing.
    Buy and install a new extractor. Buy at least 1 new mag. and spring to re-build the other mag.
  32. If it's actually first generation instead of a 2nd generation.

  33. That got my attention! Looked at the GSSF site and nothing about that. Is that something the club can do?
  34. Why go through a dealer? If Im not mistaken you can ship it yourself. You can with Fedex anyway.
  35. If it has a 10 rd magazine with it, I would be willing to bet this is a 2nd generation. I doubt it is a true first gen. I would not pay 300 for a 2nd gen that does not work. Maybe 225-250. I know it would be easy to fix, but why pay more when you know it doesn't work. If it is a first gen, with light pebble finish all over it and not front and rear grip pattern, then yes I would buy it, then fix it. I just happen to have two NFML 1st gen mags that would go great with it.
  36. "Why go through a dealer? If Im not mistaken you can ship it yourself. You can with Fedex anyway"

    FFL to FFL can use USPS and ship using in a 4.95 flat rate priority box. With insurance and tracking, it is about 7.00. Fed Ex will be more expensive. In fact, Fed Ex and UPS "seem" to mandate overnight for handguns which drives the cost up considerably.

    BBV's strategy re having a DEALER handle the shipping is very sound, particulary if you are going to be doing business there anyway re ammo, case, cleaning stuff, holsters etc.
  37. Search google or the forum for "GSSF certificate" It seems as though the program changed as of yesterday though.