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I only ate the 90 to 05 MRE's and chicken ala thing was my least favorite. In many ways I preferred the C Rations I ate from 78-82. It seemed to me that the fancier they made the food the less I liked it. My favorite was a ham slice MRE on crackers with cheese and hot sauce.
C ration canned apricots were great on a hot day. The potatoes and beef chunks C rat was nasty when cold ( this was before we were issued any way to heat food). I remember that the first C rat I ever ate was cold canned spaghetti.
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One of these would have been real nice with C rations. There are disposable versions made from one piece of stamped sheet metal. Bend 4 tabs down for the legs and 4 tabs up to support a ration can or canteen cup and your are cooking.

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I never had MRE's in my service time, but I cannot imagine anything worse than green eggs and ham that we got in our C-rats.
I was one of the few people who liked those and that was a good thing because I was a chow hound. I was still growing when I joined and I was always hungry.

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We always traded, but I never found anyone who liked them. I loved to get the little pack of Kool cigarettes, because the brothers would trade anything for a tiny pack of them.
That was before my time. When was the last year for smokes in a C rat?

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My company went to Canada in 1980 for some training and had a great time. Their Infantry seemed to be very professional with more time in service(9 out of 10 of our guys did 3 or 4 years and got out). Their platoons seemed less well armed with FN- FAL's(nice) 1x M1919 7.62 NATO Browning MG, 1x Carl Gustav 84mm recoilless rifle and one 51mm mortar. We had M16's with 6x M203's, Three Dragon missiles and two M60 MG's, plus 3x 81 mm mortars per company. Their food was on average better than ours(maybe that's part of the reason they served more than one enlistment).

This looks pretty good.
IMP contents - 2005[edit]

"IMPs are divided into six different breakfast, lunch and dinner options.
As of 2005, the following items were available (including all options):[3]
Ham steak with mustard sauce
Scalloped potatoes and ham
Sausage and hash browns
Beans and wieners in tomato sauce
Breakfast sausages
Omelette with mushroom sauce
Gemelli pasta and vegetables in tomato sauce
Chili con carne
Gong Bao chicken
Beef and vegetable stew
Rotini with pepperoni and tomato sauce
Chicken à la king
Swiss steak with Spanish sauce
Veal cutlet with mustard sauce
Meatballs in flavoured sauce
Indian chicken breast
Minestrone stew
Cannelloni with meat and tomato sauce
Pork chow mein
Beef Bourguignon
Meatloaf with onion sauce
Macaroni and Cheese
Fruits and desserts
Fruit cocktail
Pineapple tidbits
Raspberry applesauce
Strawberry applesauce
Sliced apples
Apple sauce
Baked maple dessert
Coffee, assorted
Hot chocolate, assorted
Herbal tea, assorted
Orange and pineapple
Cream of mushroom
Chicken noodle soup
Cream of tomato soup
Cream of leek
Crunchy cereals
Peaches and cream oatmeal
Raisins and spices oatmeal
Baked apple oatmeal
Oriental rice
Instant plain mashed potatoes
Mexican rice
Vegetable rice
Assorted cookies and crackers
Assorted chocolate bars
Jam, peanut butter and marmalade
Instant dressing mix
Strawberry pudding
Banana pudding
Condiments (sugar, coffee whitener, ketchup, salt, pepper, towelette, matches, paper towel, toothpick, chewing gum, tabasco) and a spoon are provided in each meal.
Nowadays there are meals available to accommodate Jews, Muslims, Hindus and vegetarians."

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I can only speak to the early-1990s MREs, but the omelet was pretty bad, followed by ham slice.

I liked everything else fine, even the chicken ala king. Chicken with rice was probably my favorite.
We are just going to disagree on that. The ham slice was my favorite and melted cheese made the omelet ok. I never liked chicken ala thing.
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