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World Net Daily Introduces “Mainstream Christians” to Their Hebrew Roots:

Discussion in 'Religious Issues' started by Skykings2, Nov 4, 2011.

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    World Net Daily Introduces “Mainstream Christians” to Their Hebrew Roots: <hr style="color: rgb(62, 70, 55); background-color: rgb(62, 70, 55);" size="1">

    for those that like WND and Jim Staley and for those that don't
    World Net Daily
    Introduces “Mainstream Christians” to Their Hebrew Roots:
    Local Pastor Receives National Attention
    St. Louis, MO – In an unprecedented endorsement, Joseph Farah, Founder and CEO of World Net Daily (the largest independant news organization in the world), recently sent a newsletter highlighting the teachings of local pastor to over 250,000 of the WND’s most active followers (see attached). In it, he writes: “Jim Staley is a new and exciting national voice and Bible teacher… I never miss any teaching he gives. I highly recommend you check all his materials.”
    This newsletter, which includes links to 7 of Jim Staley’s DVD teachings, represents a powerful vote of confidence for a local pastor with a big vision. According to their website, “Passion For Truth Ministries was birthed out of a personal need and desire to want to know the Truth of the scriptures from the perspective of the ones who wrote them, instead of the perspective of the Greek ‘church fathers’ or western-American denominationalism. Through the weekly live stream, DVD teachings, and local and national conferences, it is the goal of this ministry “to be a light to the nations by teaching them the path of Torah through the Spirit of Yeshua (Jesus)”.

    Pastor Staley explains that Joseph Farah’s support is humbling because it represents a substantial step of faith on his part. According to Pastor Staley, Farah has seen some backlash since he sent the newsletter. “They have received letters, emails and phone calls asking them not to support the Hebrew Roots movement or our ministry. But WND is resolved to press ahead to use their influence to impact the world with the message we carry. This exposure represents a major confirmation that the Hebraic perspective is relevant and it is my hope that recipients will cast aside their presumptions for a discerning curiosity for the Truth. I believe that we are on the verge of a global revival of our ancient Hebrew Root”, says Staley.

    Founded in 2004, Passion for Truth Ministries is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Along with the DVD and conference ministries, Passion for Truth has a local Fellowship which meets each Saturday at 1402 S. First Capitol Dr., St. Charles, MO 63303.
    For more information about Passion for Truth Ministries or to schedule an interview with Pastor Staley, please contact or call 888-900-BIBLE (2425).

    There is no doubt that PFT’s partnership with WND will mean great things for this movement and like Joseph Farah, we are proud here at PFT to call Jim Staley our Pastor/Teacher and Shepherd.

    To see the actual newsletter from WND featuring Pastor Jim and PFT, click here:

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    With all the glory going to the FAther, Passion for Truth Ministries has become the #1 most listened to podcast in all of Christianity on the world's largest podcasting site (Podomatic) and also has a very dynamic YouTube Channel that features all of Jim's teachings.
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