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World Conflicts, Religion, Ideology, etc...

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by VICARA, Jul 25, 2006.



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    Jul 13, 2005
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    I don’t know about you guys but I’m fast approaching full blown paranoid. Worried? You bet! I’m referring to what’s going on in the Middle East in general and Israel-Hezbollah conflict in particular. Not to mention the ongoing Israel and Hamas assassinating each other at first chance. Washington virtually gave Israel free rein to go ahead and purge (read: kill) as much militant as they can. Of course you know who draws the first blood.

    What’s going on with the world, gentlemen? Are we really nearing the end of days as mentioned in the prophecies? The Bible? Nostradamus?

    At times I wonder if there will be a day I scan the morning paper or turn the TV on and hear NO news of another nation rising against another nation or religion/ideology conflicts. Will I ever see my grandkids? Will I ever retire in my home country? (Talking about retiring in Phil, any hope of us getting in par with other Asian countries? ‘Musta nga pala ang SONA ni Gloria?)

    And this Iraq campaign that’s fast becoming another Vietnam for the US. It should have been mission accomplished long time ago if ______(fill the blanks). Any thoughts on why the US is taking time to contain this problem?

    Here are other world events that are equally troubling:
    In Philippines:
    Muslim autonomy in the south
    The unresolved Hello Garci tape…
    Random shootings of media people
    Fertilizer/GSIS scam
    Volcanoes acting up/Floods in the inner cities
    5 Impeachment complaints
    etc, etc….

    The World:
    Russia and Chechnya conflict
    Mombay bombing
    Indonesia Tsunami
    Ethiopia and Somalia gearing up for war
    North Korea nuclear activities
    Iran nuclear ambition
    etc, etc…

    Walang ng katapusan na patayan blues…Makapunta na nga lang sa range, might one day need the El Presidente routine to save the day…
  2. rhino465


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    Sep 24, 2003
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    Any resemblance between Iraq today and Vietnam is purely coincidental.

    As to why it's taking so much time ... several reasons, and not limited to:

    o Our leaders are too wimpy to be as aggressive as would be necessary to resolve the situation quickly and efficiently. The necessary measures and collateral loss of life would be very bad for them politically. Doing this as a "police" or security action is like putting a band-aid on a severed carotid artery. It requires a full-on military solution to win a war.

    o The rest of the world has not yet awakened to the fact that we (including they) are involved in WWIII, or at the very least they are choosing to appear ignorant and refusing to share the responsibility. If this does not change soon, the ostriches who have their heads buried will soon learn that the butts they left sticking in the air are either targets or already gone.

    o The good Iraqi people are just now beginning to realize that there is someone to back them up if they try to do something about cleaning their own house. This is probably the most pivotal element, and they are currently turning the corner for the better.

    o Too much of the world in general is clinging to this "Islam is a religion of peace" canard. Sure, there are lots of elements in the Quran that advocate peace and other positive behaviors, but (and correct me if I am wrong), most if not all of those tenets apply only when dealing with other Muslims. It's open season on "infidels," i.e. the rest of the world.

  3. charlie-xray

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    Aug 11, 2004
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    The root of it all is love of money. There is money in war, kahit pa sa mindanao yan or sa Basra-Iraq or sa Beirut Lebanon under the pretext of Hezbollah.

    As for me, intindihin ko na lang papaano tatakbo kapag nag spill over dito ang gulo sa Saudi arabia imagine all our kababayan DH being exodused to Syria and Cyprus kawawa sila talaga mga kababaihan pa naman kaya hindi malayong mangyari dito yun, sana nga lang makapulot ako ng H&K or Glock na sidearm ng military dito or MP5 na assault rifle ng mga high level security dito pagka nagka gulo hehehe wishful thinking or paranoid thinking just my 2 cents.
  4. 9MX

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    Sep 29, 2003
    Maybe nations in conflict with one another can just organize this:

    Hundreds expected to come to **********-a-thon Fri Aug 4, 11:34 AM ET

    Hundreds of Britons are being urged to attend what is being branded as Europe's first "**********-a-thon", a leading reproductive healthcare charity said on Friday.

    Marie Stopes International, which is hosting the event with HIV/AIDS charity the Terrence Higgins Trust, said it expected up to 200 people to attend the sponsored ************ session in Clerkenwell, central London, on Saturday.

    "It is a bit of a publicity stunt but we hope it will raise awareness," a Marie Stopes spokeswoman told Reuters.

    "We want to get people talking about safer sex, ************ and to lift taboos."

    Participants, who have to be over 18, can bring any aids they need and can take part in four different rooms -- a comfort area, a mixed area, along with men and women only areas.

    However, the rules on the event's Web site states there can be no touching of other participants nor are people allowed to fake orgasms.

    "The amount you raise will be determined by how many minutes you ********** and/or how many orgasms you achieve," the Web site said.

    The Marie Stopes spokeswoman said local religious groups had been initially outraged, but after people had heard what the event was about, most had approved it.

    Police had also given it their approval.

    Similar events have been staged in San Francisco for the last six years raising $25,000 (13,000 pounds) for women's health initiatives and HIV prevention. If successful, Marie Stopes said it could take place elsewhere in mainland Europe next year.