Workplace/School shootings...have they always happened?

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    I remember when I was either a junior or senior in high school the principal came over the loud speaker and told us about what happened at Columbine and we had a momment of silence for it.

    Now that was just the earliest school shooting I can recall.

    But it seems like every day or at least once a week I'm seeing a news report about someone that walked into their workplace and opened fire or shootings at schools.

    I'm sure the fact that news travels a lot faster/easier now has a little something to do with it. But for the most this a new thing to walk into a public place of some sort and shoot people or has it always happened?


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    Dec 28, 2000
    I can find them for as long as there's been written history. Yes, mass media is one of the primary reasons there seem to be more happening. Here's one of the more famous ones:

    By Mark Gado
    Hell Comes to Bath
    Bath, Michigan
    May 17, 1927
    By Spring of 1927, Kehoe began to transport the Pyrotol little by little into the Bath School. At home, he calculated what he needed for the day and brought just that amount. He began an extensive wiring program, connecting various charges of explosives, which were concealed in the floors and rafters of the school. Into the sub-floors and crawlspaces of the Bath Consolidated School, Kehoe inched his murderous way into to the darkness, snaking wire through the rafters and walls, hiding huge amounts of Pyrotol behind pipes and beams. Working quietly, steadily, with no rest or remorse, he managed to lay thousands of feet of wire throughout the building without being detected. Just beneath the feet of unsuspecting children, most of whom he never knew, Kehoe planted over 1,000 pounds of dynamite. Once the project was completed in early May, he set the charges and waited. As was his custom, he did everything according to a well thought out plan of action. During this time, Kehoe also wired up his homestead in the same manner. In every structure on the farm, he rigged a series of fire bombs These crude devices consisted of containers filled with gasoline and wired with automobile spark plugs attached to a car battery. Kehoe knew the device would work, because he had already tested it many times on his farm.

    On May 17, he drove his pickup truck over to the front of the barn where he began to fill the back seat with all sorts of metal debris. He threw in old tools, nails, pieces of rusted farm machinery, digging shovels, anything that could make shrapnel during an explosion. When the entire back seat was full of this metal junk, Kehoe placed a large cache of dynamite behind the front seat and laid a rifle on the front seat fully loaded.

    On this same day, May 17, 1927, in the early afternoon, Kehoe killed Nellie by bashing in her skull with some sort of heavy object. How he actually killed her and with what weapon, will never be known. He dumped her body into a hog cart, which is a type of wheelbarrow, and pushed it over to the rear of the hen house. She lay there, unnoticed and undisturbed, sprawled inside the cart like some rag doll. He then completed the wiring of the farm. In every building, he inserted one of his homemade firebombs. It became a vast firetrap. If everything went as planned, his property would simultaneously explode in flames and surely burn to the ground before help could arrive. The farm would be destroyed, the house, the barn, the trees, horses and chickens, even the fruit on the trees, there would be nothing for Nellie's relatives and the banks. Nothing.

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    WOW what a story...................