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workmans comp....any opinions/experience in indian

Discussion in 'Indiana Glockers' started by wallyglock, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. wallyglock


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    Mar 1, 2005
    got a shoulder injury last fall. filed an accident report for torn rotator , went to company recommended physcian, and had surgery at place the company i work for apprpoved.:cool:
    am now finishing re-habs and should be full strenght again very soon . i was only off work for about 8 days. worked on light / restricked duty with progress being made every few weeks.

    my companys insurance carrier hasnt paid one dime of this after 6 months !:crying:

    i had to get the state involved other co-worker filled me in on the details and i sent and got the forms from the state.after the forms were filled out and sent in they CAN NOT legally bill me for this stuff..... BUT i have to have a pre-trial hearing in may.
    cant really afford a lawyer to take with me. still paying off one for a divorce from one year ago.

    has anyone been thru this kind of situation before ?:dunno:
    the state of indiana doesnt really protect the worker much in my own opinion.

    i have had 30 years on the same very physical job and i thought this was all going to be taken care of since i did get hurt at work. followed all my doctors advice and am actually over 1 month ahead of schedule, but this other crap has me concerned a bit.

    maybe it is just procedure but it sure is not simple to get injured on the job.

    anyone who has experience at this can comment or any one who has knowledge of the law would help me understand better what is going on.

    thanks wally