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Woot! Equipment to use, & question on a couple of loads

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by RottnJP, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. RottnJP

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    Feb 1, 2005
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    Well, looks like I get to start paying attention to components again! I reloaded using a buddy's equipment a long time ago, but don't have the space where I am now.

    A friend's dad moved into the area, and it turns out he's a gun guy... We've been chatting a lot, and he's offered me the use of his set-up!! Yay! <insert happy dance here>

    So how are component prices these days? On the upswing or trending down right now?

    Where's the best place to start browsing for 10mm loading- Here, or 10-ring?

    Also, have any of you guys worked up a faster-burning load for .308? Specifically, I want to come up with a load that is optimized for a 16" barrel- I'd like to get the most velocity out of it I can (That is, minimize the velocity loss relative to a 18" barrel) and minimize the muzzle blast/unburned powder coming out the end of the barrel. I'm imagining it might be a little lighter load over-all, to keep the pressure down & reduce the unburned powder, but a faster powder to get pressure up a little more quickly...

    Any thoughts on where to start with a load like that?

    Thanks guys!! I'm looking forward to being able to pick some brains occasionally! :wavey:
  2. Boxerglocker

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    Lynnwood, WA
    Colorado loads 10mm as do a number or others. You haven't stated your requirements, practice, full power SD, paper punching? Pretty much everyone carries 10/40 bullets... do you want to stay cheap with lead or FMJ possibly JHP? Prefer a light fast bullet or heavy hard hitting slow mover? Are you willing to buy bulk. 5K or primers 8#'s of powder, to minimize hazmat cost? Are you gonna buy brass of use what you got? Brass is the biggie with 10mm and essentially the greatest initial cost to buy if you don't have your own already.
    Need to know these things if you want to be pointed in the right direction.

  3. Colorado4Wheel


    Nov 2, 2006
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    A load manual. Seriously. Lyman has some great load data for the 10mm. I would only trust a load manual or the manufactures sites. People seem to like to go WAY off the safe path with the 10mm. Scarry stuff really.

    I have settled on Power Pistol for my needs. But yours are different.

    Freakshow likes Longshot a lot and if I wanted more from my 10mm that would be my next attempt.

    AA#7 does nothing PP can't do but cost more.

    Slow powders are the only way to go in 10mm. You are best to get a chrono to due the type of thing you sound like you want to do with a 10mm and the long barrel. Otherwise your just guessing.
  4. Bello

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    Sep 24, 2008
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    gt has a 10mm reloading forum to its own.. check it out
  5. fredj338


    Dec 22, 2004
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    Best place to get loading data is not any forum site IMO. Get a couple of good reloading manuals, I like Speer & Lyman the best. Work your loads up from there.
    AS to "optimizing" for a short bbl, depends. Regardless of how short the bbl is, you will almost always get the highest vel w/ slower powders. There will be the occasional anomaly, but that is the rule. You will get more muzzle blast & flash as well, but if highest vel is your goal, it's always going to be w/ max doses of slower powder.:dunno: If the idea is to min muzzle blast, then something like IMR3031 will still give decent vel & about as fast a powder as I would use & still get good vel.
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