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Woohoo!!! My niece passed her MSF course!!!

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She's getting her motorcycle endorsement at the Motor Vehicle Department as we speak and I'll be gearing her up!!! I think that I'll have a chat with a Kawasaki dealership about an EX250.
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Congrats to your niece. The EX250 seems to be a great bike for beginners. I sat on one of these at a used bike dealership, and was surprised at how light they are. It was a 2000, and he was asking 2500 for it, which seemed a little high to me. How much do they go for brand new? What is a good used price for these?
:thumbsup: I'm really looking forward to taking the MSF class next month.

A Ninja 250 MSRP's at $2999. For a six year old 250, $2500 seems pretty high, although I'd expect that at a dealer.
This is the cutie niece w/ the P239??

Congrats! One of these days I want to learn to ride and get into an entry-level sport bike.
Yeah, this is the girl with the P239. OK, so I'm spoiling her a bit but she earned it.

I test rode an EX250 the other day and it was ridiculously easy to take a corner in. You barely even think and you're already through the twisty. It takes a might long to get up to the top of the hill, but on the way down, I'd like to see anything outrun this little sucker. You just pin it and go like a bat out of hell. Consider that the girl weighs maybe 110-lbs, the bike will accelerate and top The Ton just fine. I can barely coax it up to around 85-MPH indicated but then I weigh 210 without gear.

And a 2000 EX250 asking for $2500 is quite high. Unless that bike has been unused, I wouldn't be paying that much for it.

Usually a used one would go around $1500-2000. Believe it or not, these things are fairly desirable as used bikes and there's a class of people racing these things on the track too.

And I'm talking with an Albuquerque Kwak dealership right now.
Well, this kinda suck. There isn't an EX250 to be had, apparently. The Albuquerque Kwak dealership says maybe in another month or two they'll get some more in. Who woulda thunk?

I guess it's time to go hunting for some good, used ones in New Mexico. I can buy them out here in Cali but bringing it back to New Mexico, with my niece's name on it, blah, blah, blah, isn't worth the hassle.
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