Woodman's Pal Outdoor Tool+ other Specials

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    THE WOODMAN’S PAL TOOL- The Original Hand held Machete

    The Woodman's Pal machete is designed to:
    • Trim, Prune, Chop, Split
    • Blaze Trails
    • Brush Out Lines
    • Clear Campsites
    • Chop Firewood
    • Split Kindling
    • Build Hunting Blinds or Lean-To Shelters, The WOODMAN'S PAL machete is preferred by: Surveyors - Foresters - Nurserymen - Fire & Rescue Hunters - Campers - Hikers - Survivalists - Pilots - Boaters Land Managers - Gardeners - Farmers - Highway Crews -Snowmobilers-ATV Riders-anyone in the Outdoors!We call it the finest outdoorsman's tool in the world!
    • Once you hold the Woodman's Pal in your hand you'll wonder how you ever did without it. Whether you want to trim, prune, blaze trails, brush out lines, remove unwanted growth or build hunting blinds - you name it, the Woodman's Pal will do it.
    • Designed by Americans, made of American materials and crafted with 23 meticulous hand operations by Pennsylvania workers, the Woodman's Pal is a 100% USA product which will give you a lifetime of service.
    • Light in weight (23 oz.), compact (17" long), and superbly balanced, the Woodman's Pal is an extension rather than a burden to your arm (it's no accident that its length approximates that of the human forearm from elbow to knuckle). Never will you use a tool of higher quality with more comfort than the Woodman's Pal.
    This tool has been Part of our Military since 1941 and has seen Combat in all the Wars From WWll to VietNam!!!

    Two Versions Available:
    -Woodman's Pal + Cordora Sheath + Shapening Stone
    Your Cost $64.95 + $7.00 S&H----SPECIAL $61.00 + s/h
    -Woodman's Pal + Leather Sheath + (NO Sharpening Stone)
    Your Cost $71.50 + $7.00 S&H------SPECIAL $$68.00+ S/H

    -These are currently advertised in Shotgun News and American Rifleman for about $10-$15.00 more
    -JPEGS on request….

    -Payment credit cards, money orders, check or Paypal.
    -Any questions please e-mail at once.

    TONIGHTS $100.00 Dollar Specials- 1 inch Black Ultra-Dot Scopes(NEW) –First Samco New M-44 Handguards with 4 Picatinny Rails and Covers!!!!

    Bob Lippman
    Lippman Enterprises
    PO Box 134
    Palenville, NY 12463