Woman pleads guilty to 8 sex crimes against daughter

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    Circuit Judge Joel Laird sentenced an Oxford woman Thursday to 160 years in prison for multiple sex crimes against her mentally disabled teenage daughter, some involving men the woman met on the Internet.

    The 39-year-old woman pleaded guilty to six counts of second-degree sodomy and two counts of second-degree rape. Investigators said she was charged with sodomy because she began committing sex acts against her daughter when the girl was 12 years old.

    When her daughter was 14, the woman began allowing men she had met in online chat rooms to have sex with the girl, leading to the rape charges, said sex crimes investigator Steve Robertson. She sometimes forced the girl to perform sex acts with her while the men watched, and sometimes the mother received payment for the acts against her daughter, he said.

    Most of the sex acts took place either at the men’s residences, motels or in parking lots, according to the investigator.

    The Star does not publish the names of sex crime victims. As such, The Star is not publishing the woman’s name to prevent identifying the victim, who is now 18.

    At least four of the men who participated in the crimes have pending rape charges against them, Robertson said. Two of those men are from Anniston; the other two are from Talladega and Etowah County.

    The Star does not publish the names of those accused of sex crimes unless a conviction is handed down.

    The investigation began in October 2007, when Oxford police Investigator Roger Phillips was contacted by the FBI with information from one of the men involved in the case.

    After interviews with the victim, investigators arrested the mother in April 2009, according to online court records. The case became a cooperative effort with the Oxford Police Department, Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, Calhoun-Cleburne County District Attorneys Office and Daybreak Crisis Recovery Center, Robertson said.

    “It’s such a sad situation, probably one of the worst we’ve ever seen,” he said. “(The victim) is so damaged, so scarred.”

    According to Robertson, Daybreak Crisis Recovery Center counselor Kirsten Stephenson told the court the victim will require lifetime care because of her mental state after so many years of sexual abuse.

    Stephenson told The Star the victim was already mentally disabled prior to the sexual abuse.

    The woman is scheduled for a probation hearing in April, said Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Weems, who prosecuted the case.

    Contact staff writer Rebecca Walker at 256-235-3562.
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    Just plain get a rope. She's proven she hasn't got the right to keep breathing.

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    Get at least five ropes.
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    mom is the sickest of the lot...
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    Criminally insane.
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    These type of animals never cease to amaze me! How the hell can you do that to your own kid? Especially if they're mentally handicapped and rely on you to care for them and protect them. I would seriously love to participate in a lynching party for this POS. :steamed::steamed::steamed::steamed::steamed: