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Woman beaten, robbed by 4 teens for wearing respirator mask in store

  1. "released on Bail Reform Laws" Thanks Cuomo!


    HILTON, N.Y. (WROC) — Four teens were arrested after they allegedly beat and robbed a woman for wearing a respirator mask to a Family Dollar in Hilton.

    The following individuals were arrested and charged for the incident:

    • 18-year-old Rocco Gingello, of Gates: Charged with second degree robbery
    • 19-year-old Alexis Gingello, of Gates: Charged with second degree robbery
    • 18-year-old Taya O’Connor, of Gates: Charged with second degree robbery
    • 19-year-old Nicholas Henderson, of Greece: Charged with second degree robbery, Criminal Possession of a Weapon 4th degree and numerous driving charges.
    According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, police responded to the Family Dollar located at 82 South Avenue in the Village of Hilton for the report of a robbery.

    The victim stated that a group of people had confronted her because she was inside the store wearing a respirator mask.

    The woman claimed they said she was infected with coronavirus and upon existing the store, she was punched in the face by multiple people of the group. Her wallet and keys were stolen, officials say.

    MCSO said the suspects fled the scene in a vehicle, but were later located at Manitou Road and Lyell Road. With assistance of the Ogden Police Department, all occupants were detained.

    Those charged were arraigned in Parma Town Court and released on Bail Reform Laws for a court appearance at a later date."

    They look like a bunch of burn outs.

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  2. Oh yeah, they are definitely Ivy League material!
  3. Which ones are boys and which ones are girls?

  4. Lock them all in the same cell.
  5. Don't worry they were promptly released to find their next victim. With any luck the next one wont be defenseless.
  6. Obviously the carnival was in town....:freak:
  7. The bad thing about not declaring martial law is these fine folks could have been shot on the spot if we were under it.
  8. Whoa...four of'em on the same page! Glad five is enough.;)
  9. Just shoot em
  10. Turn them loose inside cuomo`s house! And tell them they can not leave the house.

    EDIT: and if they do leave, Sharkey is gonna knee capp`em!
  11. That might be a bit much. I would be happy if they were each kneecapped.
  12. This is just sad. I mean how do you beat someone for a mask? Are you a savage? Just shoot em go ahead see what happens.
  13. Cap,
    We definitely have a society behavior problem. Created by the democrat party.
  14. It makes zero sense. Person wears a mask to protect everyone. IF they thought she might have the virus you keep FAR away from her. Not physically attack, rob her of contaminated items. (Clearly MENSA members)
    You release people that you have NO REASON to expect they are a threat to community. These clearly are. What wimpy charges.
  15. Yeah perhaps they did not steal much so the burglary charge was weak but why no assault charges?
  16. Charge each of the parents a fine of $250,000 dollars each. Award the victim all the money.
    Spade and neuter all 4 children AND the parents. 10yrs in prison for the parents AND the 4 teens.

    The way you fix a society, is to not let the dumb people breed! Problem solved!
  17. NY does not have any smart people running the state. And they want cuomo to lead the country?
  18. NYS is the role model of a turd floating in a toilet bowl.
    Democrats are doing a beautiful job in NY running us all into the sewer.

    Now that NY has silenced the media on how many criminals are REALLY being set free.

    Here`s a little sand paper to wipe with while your in NY

  19. I agree the demonrat party is a bunch of sick bastards. You just can’t beat someone for a mask man. It’s one big rock and we are all in this together. Help your fellow man or woman. It’s just sad how some treat their fellow man or woman in this situation. Don’t mean to droan on to you bro but people are just acting like *******s in this time. This is the time to help your fellow man and be nice.
  20. Paging Mr.Goetz, Bernie Goetz your services are requested.
  21. So 4 meth-heads physically attack a women, and steal her keys and wallet. Do I have that right? They are then released without bail. Do I have that right?

    Who are we kidding here?
  22. :freak:
  23. Cap my brutha... you are spot on right... until you said we had to be nice. Let me explain:
    Being nice is never going to happen until EVERY last democrat and liberal is removed from any powers and destroyed. This is what happens to the young when democrats are allowed to indoctrinate them. Democrats are all about destroying our country. Remove God and country and ZERO respect for others... that IS who they are. I know i dont have to tell you this brother, you already know this. But we`re going to have to take the gloves off and whoop some candy arse`s. Its gonna have to get dirty before it gets cleaner. Thats where we are as a country, right now. These 4 punk teenagers are a product of their own environment. And they WILL BE dealt with. Maybe not right now, but i`m sure somewhere along the way, these 4 punks will pay for what they`ve done.
  24. Her wallet and keys were stolen, officials say.
    To me that’s robbery. Aggravated as 4 people attacked her.
  25. Hey you!

    Yeah you with the potentially deadly super infectious disease.

    Yeah I’m talkin’ to you, c’mere and LEMME GET SUMMA DAT FACE JUICE ON MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  26. Yes, you are right, I meant robbery, I don't know why burglery was in my head. Anyway, I am guessing the second degree is related to the value. I still think they should be charged with assault as well.
  27. Ok. But as they removed her protection “attempted murder” charges?? ;)
  28. Gingers be crazy , Yo.
  29. When I was a kid the robber wore the mask, not the holdup victim. Strange times indeed.
  30. In these trying times, it looks as though 5 rounds may indeed not be enough. In NY, at least you can carry 7. (Actually I think it is 10 now, but Cuomo was trying for 7).
  31. #creepyazzcrackas
  32. If that had happened to me, I know what was to follow.
  33. Spot on, I couldn't agree more
  34. democrats
  35. This happens a lot with democrats.
  36. Stake them out on the beach at low tide.
  37. Crabs gotta eat too!
  38. images (1)1966 sniper.jpg The one found later that day,The other three they found 30 toes in a bag.Still looking....