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Wolf Creek IDPA-Cedar Falls/Waterloo Iowa-April 9th

Discussion in 'Midwest Glockers' started by VAMarine, May 17, 2011.

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    Jan 8, 2008
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    Central Iowa
    We shall be shooting our regular monthly match this Sunday, May 22. Jesse is our Match Director. His match will have 73 handgun rounds and 12 shotgun rounds for a featured side match.
    We’ll plan on doing setup at 0700 on Sunday morning unless Jesse says otherwise. If you can come early we’d love the help.

    Sign in is to be @ 09:30, walk-through @ 09:45, match start @ 10:00. If you are a 1st time shooter you may want to come earlier than 09:30.

    No membership is required, main match fee is $15.00, side match is an extra $5.

    See for the map to the range.