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Woke up this morning to see myself on CNN !

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That's right, yours truly had his mug on CNN..... all over the world !!

Last night, former Texas Governor Ann Richards passed away at the age of 73. The news stories this morning are showing clips from various points in her life and political career. One of the clips was when she was presented a Harley-Davidson in the upstairs rotunda area of the State Capitol to commemorate Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Texas.

As the Harley-Davidson State Safety Coordinator for Texas, I was one of those making the presentation. Just before she came out in front of the cameras, her security officer came up to me and said that she was going to sit on the sportster before the world wide media, and that I had better make sure that motorcycle did not move !

So, I made sure the bike was in gear, then moved in to hold the front brake lever while she mounted up. I then moved to the background, when the picture below was taken. I am just to the right of the right hand rear view mirror.

The clip on CNN today shows me in my bright red H-D State Safety shirt moving in from the left side of the screen to steady the bike again after she got on and raised the bike off the sidestand.

It was a fun day, we took the motorcycle back in her outer office for about 30 minutes while we explained the bike and it's controls to her. Great lady to talk to, just like one of us, no false airs, what ya saw was what ya got with Ann !

Lots of people disagreed with her political stance on various issues (like me on gun control) , but she was a fun lady who believed in living life to its fullest.

And yes, she did take the MSF course and she did get her motorcycle endorsement !

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In what year was that picture taken?
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