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Wnat a good laugh?

  1. Lol
    Wait till this gets real
  2. Amazing. Just freaking amazing.
  3. Real people, real jobs
  4. Gotta stop that bleeding! We have a gusher!!

  5. It's always gratifying to watch true professionals at work.
  6. Hell, I have nicked myself worse than that while shaving.
  7. Ahhh, so it was a rubber bullet. That makes sense. I was wondering why there was virtually no blood.

    Leftist theatrics never cease to amaze me.

    One of the guys should have said; "Walk that $#!* off son, so we can get back to our larping!"
  8. I did a unintentional flip off a hay rack. I landed on my Bale hook. In my cheek. (Let’s say plastic surgery was not needed. To give you idea of location)....
    It was a while before I could get in the car. Otherwise I’m not sure the seat ever could be cleaned.
    Garbage bag on seat. Lots of 4x4s, towels... then to hospital.
  9. Poor baby no respect for his war wound:elephant:
  10. Riot on Bishes!
  11. They should have amputated the leg right above the wound.
  12. FIFY.
  13. Crying always helps in situations like this.
  14. Looked like that is exactly what the person putting on the tourniquet was trying to do. From what I could see in that video that wound didn't even need a dressing. Looked like an abrasion to me. Someone should have slapped him in the back of the head and told him to get back to the riot.
  15. IIRC from around this time 24 years ago:

    Stop the bleeding
    Start the breathing
    Protect the wound
    Treat for shock

    None of these steps apply in this incident :outtahere:

  16. Lol! Wow! What would they do if it was a real bullet? My guess is they'd all put their hands over their mouths and run off somewhere to vomit. Lol!
  17. Another testament to the ************* of the American liberal snowflake.
  18. That’s pretty funny lol. I vote to have some of these cranked off at these “friendly” protests.... They might to fly some ultra lights in to medi vac people out.

    View: https://youtu.be/mV3L3I1dJqI
  19. the tourniquet was tied waaay to low IMO, the neck and pulled much tighter would have been a far better option... would have at least ended the crying and wailing if nuttin else :)
  20. I couldn't help LOL, hard, at this.

    That guy doing the bleeding, he's a prime candidate for CAG!!! :animlol:
  21. I bet he would’ve gotten up and walked it off then!