Selling a very nice classic P229 nitron without the rail and a frame made in Germany. I recently bought a couple of these P229 models and now I'm realizing that I won't carry them and they aren't safe queens to me. This one comes with 2 12-shot magazines. The frame rails look very nice and the barrel does show signs of use.

I'd like to disclose one issue I noticed with this gun. It comes with 2 12-shot magazines. One of the magazines does not let the slide lock back to the rear. I put that magazine in another P229 and that gun locked back with the magazine. All the other magazines I've tried in this P229 allow lock back without any issues.

Asking price is $650 which includes shipping from my FFL to your FFL.

Zelle is broken for me since I upgraded my phone so that payment option is off the table until I can get it resolved. I will accept:
PayPal Friends and Family (no mention of guns in the notes)
USPS Money Order
Cashiers Check
Personal Check (will have FFL ship after funds are cleared)

First I'll take it to this thread gets it, cross posted.

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