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With Shooter's Paradise gone, what's it like at other ranges?

  1. I haven't had a chance to go shooting since the Shooter's incident. Oddly enough, I was shooting there the previous day. Has anyone noticed any huge attendance increases at the other NOVA ranges since then?
  2. I bet Quantico got an uptick. NRA and Blue Ridge are harder to get to from Woodbridge.
  3. Gilbert's Small Arms Range (Lorton) has been pretty busy. I was a member there prior to becoming a member at Shooter's, and it's noticeably busier now than it was before.
    I miss Sunday mornings at Shooter's! :sad:
  4. NRA Range has been noticeably busier.
  5. I dont know about being "busy" but The Range
    in Stafford is not too bad but I've only been
    there 3 times and on weekdays. It might be
    bussier on weekends. It's about 20 miles from
    Shooters on Route 1 (South).
  6. The biggest impact has been the lack of ranges for rifle in the southern region. The Range is good for pistol, but they don't allow rifle calibers. Quantico is good, but limited opportunities. For me, living in Stafford, the NRA Range is quite a haul.

  7. Art,

    Let me know when you plan to go there next. We might go there this Saturday. What time do they close?

  8. 8:00 PM on Saturdays. Here's a link to their website http://www.indoorrange.com/ - it doesn't get updated very frequently!

  9. Thanks, Jim.
  10. Is Shooter's Paradise planning on reopening?

    That's where I got my CCW training 11 years ago so maybe I'm just nostalgic.
  11. According to them...they will be rebuilding and re-opening. It is jsut going to take awhile to get there.
  12. I will not go back to Gilbert's in Lorton because the people that work there are rude, sexist and do not have good personal hygene. I wonder if the new owners will change things.
  13. Mary,

    I am sorry to hear that. Have you tried NRA range?
  14. So, I am in Woodbridge/Lorton for the past week and most of next. I was planning on checking out Shooter's Paradise but I have seen construction sites before. Any suggestions? Just handgun range needed. Indoor or Outdoors.
  15. The above-mentioned "Gilberts" in Lorton is probably the closest.

    Gilberts Small Arms
    8194-M Terminal Road
    Lorton, VA 22079
    (703) 550-8005
    Indoor 25 yard range

    The NRA range, in Fairfax is Primo.
  16. Fungunner, thanks. If I ever get out of work I will have to try and get over there this weekend. It is only a few minutes from where I am working, and not too far from the hote. I brought 50 rounds of Blazer Alum. I hope Gilberts lets me use it. I have been eating as cheaply as possible so I can use some of the per diem for range time. Food, bullets, food, targets, food, range time. Hell I can stand to loose a few pounds.
  17. My former partner and I have shot at Gilbert's for the past year and a half almost 2x a month. I have noticed that the range has markedly improved over that time in both appearance and operation. I have found the operator's civil and knowledgeable. Prior to that I had shot a Shooter's. It was just a long way for me to drive however it was cheaper to shoot there. I have a membership at Gilbert's now which helps out if you shoot often. - 'ole joe :dancing:
  18. So I went by Gilbert's before noon on Sunday. I was able to get in no problem, bought a one month membership. Including the membership, targets and one box of ammo under $40 total. Range is clean, and everyone seemed nice. I will be trying to go back atleast once or twice before I leave this Friday. I might even be back in two weeks I suspect as the boss really needs me to help out up here. If so looks like I will get my money worth. Thanks for the advice FunGunner.
  19. The last few weekends we've have been slow ( Mothers day, Memorial Day). But we are getting more and more people coming in. We have a big Lead Zamboni that removes about 99% of all the lead particulte and green powder. Adding the four huge air conditioners where a big plus. Plus with the renovation you can shoot Rifles now ad shotguns.
  20. I agree with some other posters-- the staff at Gilbert's Small Arms range is not very cordial. My other gripe is their gimicky "members only" policy, but you have to buy a monthly membership for $8, and fill out that card, etc.
    Much nicer to get into the NRA HQ range, where the staff is friendly, the equipment modern, and the facilty much more clean. Then of course, are the prices of their guns. :rofl:

    If the NRA HQ range would just expand their hours, they would get all of my business. That place is first class. :thumbsup:

    Where is this Quantico range that other posters have mentioned? That's one I have yet to try.