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With All This Talk About Reparations...

  1. Wondering if with all the talk about reparations going around we could get all those folks who voted for Obama to pay up for the damage he did to the national debt, etc.? If they voted for him twice, they pay TWICE as much.

    We could start with rich celebrities.

    Sounds fair (they like that word) to me.

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  2. I like it !
    Taken together with my program (Everybody that's paid taxes the last 50 years gets the next 50 years off, everybody that hasn't paid gets the duty the next 50 years ....) that should put the 'fair' in 'fair share' ..... :whistling:
  3. That would actually be social justice.
  4. Reparations - The Egyptians still owe them for driving out Moses' group.

    Reparations owing from Norway/Denmark/HollandSpain/Morocco/ Libya to the English. I explain. You know the stories about the Vikings. But do you know why they commenced plundering England with a vengeance. I will explain.

    By 900, Christianity was taking hold in the Germanic areas. The German element had been fighting with the Vikings for a period of time and just couldn't push them out of Denmark. Christianity forbade Christians to own Christian slaves. Up to that time, there were slaves everywhere. Moreover, the German element forbade the Vikings to use their historic overland traderoutes.

    What to do? So, the Vikings started raiding England, capturing Christians and taking them to Spain to sell. Of course the Muslims embraced slavery.

    When you read "Millions for defense and not one cent for tribute", do you know when that originated and why? Early 1800s, the Muslim Libyan pirates would attack vessels and take off slaves, including Americans.

    So, in my book if it doesn't matter that an American today who never was a slave; whose parents were never slaves, are entitled to reparations, then it is equally valid that the United States pursue Libya and the Brits ask the Danes/Norweigans and Dutch for reparations.
  5. Reparations? America destroyed a thriving civilization that already lived here and the reparation was to move to reservation land that wasn't worth anything.
    The irony that the north supposedly fought for the freedom of the slaves while keeping the indians basically in concentration camps is amazing.
    My family moved to America to escape the serfdom imposed by Scandinavian landowners. If you didn't own land you had a hand to mouth existence. They came here and the homestead act took the natural land away from the indians and gave it to them in 160 acre parcels. You will never be able to make this fair.
  6. what about all the black slave owners and black slave traders in Africa that sold black slaves to the Europeans?
  7. Interesting thought...
  8. Unfortunately, it wasn't only Barry. Every dime he spent in the last 6 years was authorized by a republican house.
  9. True, they controlled the power of the purse, and their sins of omission have been almost as bad as his of commission...EOs, and the like.

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  10. I feel they shouldn't have to pay a dime for my black blood, well I've heard all my life is white folks have some black blood