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It's not uncommon, but it does mean something is wrong.

It could be something temporary like a slight power fluctuation or something driving by or flying overhead scrambling the wireless signal.

That one used to happen to me a lot since I only live about 5 miles from an airport, but now that I'm running a 100% 5ghz wireless network I never get any signal interference.

The router could be overheating, but unless your stuffing it in a tight enclosure I doubt that's it.

All you can really do is:
1. Use a UPS
2. Switch to 5Ghz
3. Make sure it can breath and isn't overheating

If it's still doing it with all that, it may be a hardware issue.

FWIW, I only have a UPS on my router and modem because I work from home and connectivity is vital for me. other than that, I'd skip number 1.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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