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Windows XP Professional. 2002 Version.

$75/shipped in the continental US.

PayPal or postal money order only.
No extra charge for using PayPal.

Post "Sold" here or in a PM if you want it.

Includes the CD, an OEM pre-installation kit CD and the booklet as pictured--no box or anything else that's not pictured. Book has the certificate of authenticity on the back.

I bought this new, so no one else has the serial number. I no longer have it installed on a computer and I will include a receipt that signs over all rights to the buyer, incase it's needed if you have to deal with Microsoft for anything.

Needless to say, this cannot be returned under any circumstances, considering how easy it is to copy the CD & serial number.

Updated to add the traditional OEM licensing loophole: This will ship with some sort of hardware.
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