Windows XP login issues

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by aspartz, Sep 15, 2004.

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    My employer's computer is gettting cranky. She is currently unning XP Home. This morning when she booted the comp, she got to the select user screen for xp, but cannot get past it. When any user is selcted, the comp tries ties to load settings and immediately logs that user off. The desktop never appears.

    I tried booting in safe mode, and even Administrator was not allowed to get in. She has a cable modem so the beast may have tried to intall SP2. Other than the possibility of SP2 (slim), nothing else is known to have changed from yesterday and tody.

    Unfortunately, she did run an anti-virus scan "about 2 weeks ago" and since then windows has been complaining about missing files on boot. ;Q

    I know I could connect the drive to one of my linux boxes to recover the data, but I would like to avoid the PITA. Is there a quick fix to get logged in to back up data before nuking and re-installing?

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    put the original XP disc in and do a "repair"??

    configure that HD as a slave on another XP system and try to get to the data that way maybe??

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    That's exactly what I would do.

    It is easier to give birth than to resurect.

    Copy favorites, My Documents, My Pictures and other data special programs generate. Quick books, Power Point presentations and Excel docs.

    Buy another Hard Drive and install XP from scratch.
    They will remember 6 months latter that specail file.

    Make a 10GB partion for C:
    Install only the OS and the service packs and security updates.
    They install to the C: by default anyway.

    Make the rest of the drive a D: drive or make two additonal partitions.
    Whatevey you like.

    Then install all other programs to the D: Drive.
    Always do a custom install to programs to change the default C:/Program files/application name to
    D:/program Files/Application Name

    Get a good virus checker anti virus is the bomb. All my server and all my customers run this. I have never had a call from any of them saying a virus has eaten or destroyed thier computer.
    I have been running it for 5 years now.

    you can download it and run it for free for 30 days.
    Make sure you set the scan and other parameters to delete the virus not Quarantine it.
    Also set the signature updates to to look for updates evey 6 hours.
    And set the download parameters to Passive FTP.

    There that will be $100.00