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Windows vista locked up my computer...

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by TED, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. TED

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    I'm typing this using a 2002 Dell Inspiron 2650 with Windows XP that works fine. My more recent though out of warranty Acer that came with Windows Vista is out of commission. Windows vista kept running badly and crashing over and over. Then it locked up completely. When I try to start the computer it comes up with a screen saying that it is unable to load windows and it just keeeps trying and failing and retrying again indefinitely. So I finally turned it off set it aside and got the Dell out of mothballs.

    All of my anti-virus and security settings were in accordance witht he sticky at the top of this forum, AVG, Spybot, Spyware blaster, etc. and all up to date.

    I believe that my data is still there. I also believe that if I remove the drive, then replace it with a new and make the old drive with my data hopefully still on it into an external slave drive I should be able to access it.

    BTW, I mean pay someone to do the above since I am a TOTAL techno-phobe who can barely type and only recently got a cell phone and even then only a pay as you go one.

    Any suggestions or feedback?
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    One major issue and especially with laptops is they require that the drivers, especially video drivers, to come from the laptop maker. Not the generic drivers from Windows update.

    You may want to try to use an external USB hard drive enclosure for the hard drive before buying a new one. You could then plug in the external drive to the working computer and see if you can copy the files on it. If you buy a new hard drive the computer may still have some other problem and not work. You'll need an external enclosure anyway if it's a laptop. Make sure the external enclosure matches the hard drive size and type.
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  3. IndyGunFreak


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    Jan 26, 2001
    What model is the Acer?

    If the data is there on the drive, your solution to save your data is fine. Do you already have a large enough external drive to back up your data? If it were *me*.... here is what I would do.

    1. Download an easy Linux Live CD.. Ubuntu will do.
    2. Plug in another external drive
    3. Boot live CD, and use it to move data from the main drive, to the external.
    4. Buy Win 7 full install CD (use Google to make sure your laptop has 7 drivers available, it probably does)
    5. Install Win 7.

    If it's a hardware malfunction, you'll never get past step 3.

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