Windows Vista: Cost Analysis

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by doktarZues, May 16, 2007.

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    This is probably a bit much for the average joe in here.. But some will thoroughly enjoy this.

    I will let you make your own decision..But from the looks of it, Microsoft as either hung itself, or the ENTIRE industry to include hardware is going to have to pay out the yang which ends up hitting the customers pockets, of course.

    Some can and certainly will chalk this up as Microsoft bashing..but again, everyone interested should read this, then make their own decision.

    Either way, someones going to be paying a lot of money, and I'm thinking in the end, it isn't going to be the customers. Corporations haven't even cracked their knuckles yet; the companies brave enough to pilot Vista are still at v1.0

    Microsoft (and Dell's) "sticker lawsuit" is only the beginning. The hidden costs are simply.. outrageous. Literally. -dok
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    Listed in that "Cost Analysis" is the one thing that will stop "most" of corporate America from replacing XP with Vista any time soon.. and that is the "Increased Hardware Costs"..

    There are other things not listed in the "Cost Analysis" that will prevent "Across the board deployment" of Vista in many companies..

    One is... potential incompatibility with custom applications...


    Another is the cost of user training.. yes.. training.. especially if the employees are members of a union.. "training" is something that is written into many union contracts...