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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Romadoc, Dec 1, 2005.

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    I installed Windows Media Player and they want permission to install a toolbar by means of "". Is this a safe procedure and just how safe is this player as compared to Music Match?
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    It appears to be an advanced form of spyware and spam delivery system.

    From their web site:

    IST is a leading Internet marketing solutions provider, specializing in targeting valuable customers at the moment they are most interested in a particular product or service.

    IST targets the customers through several different delivery methods such as highly effective toolbars and plugins available for Internet Explorer.

    Learn more about our solutions, or contact us to discuss your online marketing needs.

    Want to remove our toolbar or other products from your computer? Follow this link.

    Our Main Objective :

    IST has developed a product aimed at both the surfer and the webmaster in the form of an addictive Internet Explorer toolbar. Designed by the webmaster, it brands the webmaster's website and creates surfers loyalty too.

    The toolbar can be built and distributed through a highly effective affiliate program aimed at the webmaster or anyone that is willing to cash-in their traffic by distributing IST products.
    products aimed at the surfer:
    Homepage - IE toolbar
    products aimed at the webmaster:
    products aimed for advertisers
    Worldwide pop distribution system, contact us for details.