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Here's the deal. A girl in my office ran "Disk Cleanup" on a Win98 First Edition, and it seems to have deleted things it shouldn't have, such as all the registry entries.

When she showed it to me, double-clicking ANY icon had no effect, and trying to manually open anything would give a "broken shortcut message".

I opened the start menu, and every single item had been de-iconed and ended with ".ink".
I checked the registry, and most of it appeared to no longer exist. The most entries for any folder were for some ancient network card driver.

I foolishly restarted the computer, which now gives a non-bluescreen "Explorer illegal operation message" for every boot attempt.

I yanked the HDD and slaved it to my machine to take a look, and all the programs and data are still there. I'm backing up the documents and critical work files now.

My question is... Is there anyway to reinstall win98 (no choice) without having to reinstall all applications and documents or, if not, is there any hope of repairing the registry in some way?

At least it isn't Monday.
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