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Win 7 IE8 update Nov 23 or 24

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Last night on my dell desktop I went to windows update via the startup menu and noted they had an update available for definition for ie8, a small file which I downloaded without issue in both my desktop and my dell studio laptop. Today, I found that when attempting to use tabs, the whole thing just froze up on both the desktop and laptop.

In the end, I had to uninstall the update, restart, then use system restore to go back which seems to have fixed the issue.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I'd say maybe it was a download issue but as I had the same experience on both platforms it seems to me it might be a MS issue.:faint:
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Same problem here, and it slowed my browser down to a "crawl." :steamed:
At first I thought maybe it might have been my system, or something I did, but when it did exactly the same thing on my laptop, I knew MS had screwed the pooch. And to say it's easy getting it out? HAH. You still have issues when you use the uninstall feature. I had to actually fall back to an earlier date to fix the problem. Now I'm extremely hinky about downloading MS updates if they can't even get something like a 26kb file right.
Thats why I use Firefox. IE crashes way too much. Firefox does too, but not as bad, at least in my experience. I like Chrome too.
I have firefox and opera on a secure flash drive thats U3 enabled, but when I'm on my desktop I generally use what's convenient.

I'm just waiting to see if MS owns up to their screw up and fixes it.
I found out yesterday it was NOT the MS update KB 2447568 that caused the issue with slow browsers and tabs, but it was Symantecs NIS IPF updates, which were fixed in the next update later that day.
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