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Wilson Supergrade...

  1. Pretty neat. Who here has experience with a Supergrade? Juice worth the squeeze??
  2. bac1023 does. it's up in the stickied FAQ's
  3. The Super Grade is probably the best semi-custom built today.


  4. :embarassed:doh! I swear I've read through the stickies a couple times...I blame bac's plethora of 1911s for my confusion.
  5. I agree...I have a Supergrade Professional Bobtail that is finished in NP3+....a very, very nice build!!
  6. Incredible firearm. I may get yelled at but I love my Nighthawk Heinie Tactical Carry a little more. Even without aligned ball cuts.
  7. That's certainly a nice model as well. :)
  8. I think the fact that it's Larry Vickers' gun, who is one hell of a 1911 smith, says volumes about the Supergrade.
  9. No doubt :)
  10. Wow. :drool:
  11. Very nice pistol:wow:
  12. I`d bet money that them being able to advertise this as being made for him = HUGE discount for Vickers or perhaps free. :whistling:
  13. or he just doesn't feel like building one for himself :rofl:
  14. I'd wager free. One of our local shooters gets his for free and he shoots for Wilson, so I can only imagine what Vickers gets. :supergrin:
  15. Rumor has it that Vickers pulled his deal with Nighthawk because he was unhappy with his name being associated with a pistol that had its fair share of quality issues. I would imagine Wilson just loves the fact that they were able to build this pistol for him. I would guess they were more than happy to comp him a Supergrade.....
  16. That sure is sweet.
  17. Wonder how much a gun like that will be?
  18. 4k plus....
  19. Yeah, over $4000 for sure.