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Wilson Combat ADP in VA?

  1. I'm selling my Glock 34 (in for sale section of this site) and am looking for a Wilson Combat ADP in Northern VA. Anyone seen one at your local gun shop?
  2. Check with Guns & Ammo Warehouse in Manassas. They are the premiere Wilson dealer here. You can get their address and number posted in the local dealer sticky theme.
  3. What he said, they will most likely be at the Chantilly Gun Show next weekend. They have been at the last few shows.

  4. They're not out yet. Told me at the SHOT show it would be June 07 at earliest.

  5. They're out. Guns and Ammo Warehouse in Manassas sold 3 last week
  6. Yeah, I asked about them. One of the senior people there told me more are ordered, hope to get some more this coming week.
  7. They got 3 in today and they sold out within an hour and a half.
  8. Interesting pistol. Hope you get it.

  9. I got to hold one yesterday. Small, flat, much better than a G26.
  10. i was there on saturday. looking to get a g17c or g19 c and a bushy. Took quite a while before someone came up to see if i needed help. Staff seemed sort of snotty to me there. Ended up going back to Va Arms down the street and picked up the G17C.
  11. I love mine. I got it in late December at Roanoke Firearms. They have only had two come in so far. I have put about 800 rounds through it with no problems. It should make a good summertime piece.
  12. I'd love to hear a more detailed review.
  13. mayberrypd, I just read in a gun mag that the weapon has a lot of recoil and needs frequent cleaning. Is this so?
  14. LittleLebowski,
    I will try to put a little review together.
    I will make it easy though, If you are ever in Roanoke give me a heads up and we can hit the range and you are welcome to shoot it all you like!
    You are the second person this week that asked me about frequent cleaning. It is gas operated, it reminds me a lot of my P7 on the inside. The first night I had it I took it to the range and put atleast 250 rounds of ball and 40 hydrashocks through it with no issues at all (other than the fact it gets nice and warm, just like a P7). It did look like a small bomb exploded on the inside but the gun kept running. The other sessions were limited to 50 or 100 rounds just to get familar with it. I cleaned it after each time but I need to mention I am often guilty of not cleaning guns very well ;-)
    The gun has a little snap to the recoil but it is very managable. It is a hard call for me to make. I never thought much about the recoil because the gun just feels good in my hand. I had a glock 26 wich was a great gun but never felt right to me, it was just to chunky for my small hands. I sold it not to long after I got my ADP to fund another project.
    I will say that the safety sucks, so I dont use. It is in a very weird location.
    Look me up if you are in town and we can make some racket.
  15. You're good fella :D I'll take you up if I'm in the area nd I'll bring a Nighthawk, FAL, FN SPR, and some other goodies.
  16. Here's the deal-I was thinking of this weapon for my old lady to carry but she's 4'10. So the small grip would be good but the recoil, would it be an issue? Or is the recoil just different than say a G26?
  17. This thing is a rebadged Heritage Stealth. They have a piss poor reputation. Not to say that there aren't some that work - but they appear to be the exception to the rule.

    This isn't a gun I'd run right out to buy - look to a g26 or Kahr PM9.