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wilson combat .380 glock...

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One of the first Glock .380's to come out of the gunsmithing shop. These are super soft shooting, accurate little guns but really need better sights and grip texture to shoot well in rapid fire.Unit Price: $1,196.00 wow, ...
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Glock 42: $400
Ameriglo CAP sights: $75
Klipit IWB Holster: $30
$505 & Good to go.
$1196 for a tricked out G42?
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Those guys do know how to make some sharp looking firearms though.
its not for everyone tastes just like a$6000 1911 is not to everyones tastes or budgets but its nice to have options...

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Alright. I really liked the looks and thought about it, so I just had a closer look on their website.

Unfortunately, this piece fell though for me when I learned that the price is only for the modifications and not a complete firearm. You will have to send in a G42, and in the end this will be closer to $1,700.

The second let-down seems to be, that no internals will be changed, exchanged or upgraded. They write on the product page that aftermarket triggers can be arranged, but I can't choose any options right there.

I have to agree, at that stage its just a nice looking slide and a stippling job. :(
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