Willamette smallies?

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    Feb 13, 2003
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    Anyone fish the Willamette below the falls lately, more specifically around Mary S. Young SP or Cedar Island? How about the other side of the river over around Clackamette? I was out there two weeks ago, water was awful high still...my usual spots covered by 3 ft of water. They also had the bridge to Cedar Island detached from the island...am hoping to go back out there soon and stir up some smallies, and maybe round up a crappie or largemouth. Had a blast out there last summer. Ultralight spin rod & #4 flyrod always go with me out there. Best fish last summer was a 2+ lb smallmouth caught on a foam bee immitation a friend sent me. I've since tied up some new patterns for the bass, and can't wait to get out there. Would love some current info if anyone has any.

    Also, anyone like carp fishing? I'm planning to get over to the Tualatin at the park by Tigard HS when the river opens. Caught some big squawfish from there last year, no luck on the carp (broke some off, if that counts) and could always use some fishin' company. I'll bring the corn, you bring your rod. :)