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Will There Be A College Football Season This Fall?

  1. There will be in the SEC. I don't know about the rest of the conferences. Maybe they should just sit at home an watch the big boys play.
  2. No there will not.
  3. I love college football, but I don’t think their will be a season this year, unfortunately.
  4. If the political nonsense makes it onto the field, I'll be done with this as well.
  5. They're talking about moving football season to the spring.
  6. The only approach that seems to be working is the bubble approach...

    Either do this, give up, or accept a covid fest, and if a few fatass lineman die, oh well.... Those are your options.
  7. This is probably the sane approach...
    There are some very promising new therapeutics, and even the possibility of a vaccine that will be available by then
  8. I doubt there will be a 2020 season.
  9. if not, maybe the students will actually learn something. nah.
  10. Whatever bubble Rutgers used didn't work. I suspect any conferences that decide to play in 2020 will see the same thing eventually.
  11. If it were not for all the $$$$$$$$ they would have canceled all college football already. Playing next spring and then again next fall does not make much sense. If I were king and money no object here is what I would do:

    - Cancel this year
    - Let everyone keep their scholarship
    - Make everyone eligible for next year's NFL draft.
    - If they don't get drafted, or if they are not signed by an NFL team let them maintain their college eligibility.
    - expand the number of scholarships allowed to account for those who would otherwise not been returning for 2021 regular season
  12. I don't see the SEC not playing but I could be wrong
  13. I hope not. It’s just a breeding ground for the professional thug leagues.
  14. I love your screen name.

  15. Don’t know why not, they all wear masks.
  16. Thank you. It really sucks if it gets canceled because this may be the best team we have ever had
  17. One can only hope, all the seasons are cancelled. Maybe colleges can focus on their secondary goals for a short bit. You know, like education.
  18. Colleges haven’t educated in decades. They are now in the business of indoctrination.
  19. Well I'm sure not supporting any leftist colleges!
  20. I do find it odd with the leftist lean of colleges that buds gun shop is advertised on kentuckys scoreboard during game
  21. Rifle competitions will be cancelled in perpetuity, those are super spreader events for every known communicable disease. Unlike football games where 100,000 people are packed in a small space shouting. Those will be OK. They are kind of like violent protests against police, nobody gets anything at those.
  22. No football, no sponsors, not ticket sales, no revenues of any kind.

    Maybe the universities find themselves in deep financial distress and have to up their game and actually earn their livings as educators.

    Well, that's not going to happen I bet.
  23. Or maybe they will work hard at overhyping the "necessity" of a college education and loan the tuition money to students and even get the federal government to guarantee the loans and, and ...... oh, wait.