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Will stock Glock 20 10mm Gen 4 handle double tap 165gr golden sabers?

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I scored 87 rounds at the gun show for $40 bucks. I got 31 golden saber 165 grain. 40 180 grain FMJ Match (these have Mcnett headstamp). 11 gold dots Of unknown weight and 5 of another type of hollow point which might be xtp Hornady. Only the Full Metal Jacket match has mcnett headstamp. Rest has Doubletap stamps. I hear you guys talking a lot about running 21 and 22 lb Springs. What is the threshold that warrants this upgrade? The golden Sabres are rated at 1425 fps. But I think that data uses a 14 and 1/4 inch test Barrel. The Gen 4 have dual recoil springs and I was wondering is a recoil spring upgrade necessary?

Also, when did Mike mcnett use his name for a headstamp? Would this indicate an early production before double tap was formed?

I do not want to change Springs if I don't have to however a stainless steel guide rod sounds appealing. I'm a Sig man. This is my first Glock. I don't even know what material the guide rod is made from yet. I've been working a lot and haven't disassembled it yet.

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