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Will states go along with an extended shutdown?

  1. Will all or most of the states go along with the extended shutdown/social distancing? Or will there be push back?
  2. I don’t see how this “ends” soon.

    we lose more people, or we lose more economic activity

    thanks China
  3. We'll see...I don't see it going past April...too much economic damage...we need to get back to a sense of normalcy, even with all the risks of doing so.
  4. Pretty ****ed situation

  5. But the not-so-subtle-in-their-bias news talking heads, pundits and progressive politicians can't blame the current administration for the "regular" flu problems. Why talk about it if it doesn't help frame their talking points and agenda? :rolleyes:
  6. The states are loving this COVID shutdown.

    The governors and mayors get to play dictator and compete with each other to see who can violate everyone's Constitutional rights more egregiously.

    The governors and mayors are enjoying their power to mess with people's lives and livelihoods by giving orders.

    "Shut down your business, peasant!"

    "No buying guns for you, peasant!"

    "Stay in your house, peasant!"

    "You can only go where we tell you, peasant!"

    "You can't go to work, you're not essential, peasant!"
  7. People are going to have to toughen up if they go out. Yes, we have a serious problem, but we`re not going to be able to pull out of this mess if people continue sitting home all cooped up. Things are drastically going to get worse. Especially in the bigger cities. I see a very bad crime wave coming soon. People are already getting very impatient, which is very understandable. If we have another month of shut downs, people locked in their homes, all hell will break loose eventually. How can it not. If some of these state and local govt`s try to push people back, they may be in for a very rude awakening.

    Ok, this is just my own personal opinion on it... i believe they are making this virus bigger than it really is. Sure, people are going to die, flu`s kill alotta people every year, its what it does. But all this doom & gloom is not helping with the situation. One thing we NEED to be doing, is thanking our doctor`s, nurse`s, hospital`s, law enforcement, for their courageous non-stop hours upon hours of help to ALL communities, as they are in the front lines putting themselves at risk. The govt`s above them need to just their lips and just let the people that KNOW what they`re doing, do THEIR jobs. The elected politician idiots just need to shut their effin mouth`s, just for once!
  8. Yes. No one wants to be the goat. Individuals may not, but when things are closed and services are limited, it won't make much difference.
    They will squeal when the tax revenues drop. They will run a circle jε®k when business closes and unemployment spikes.
  9. Deniers gotta deny...
  10. Welcome to Ohio..
  11. Now that it's started, it won't stop. The toilet has been flushed and we're just circling the drain.
  12. And alarmists gotta alarm.

    The truth usually ends up in the middle.
  13. Ain`t THAT the TRUTH!!!
  14. Sadly, I think you are correct and I've shared this sentiment a few times.
    Even if this one works out, and no matter what, the politicos and media will exclaim "Look what we did!!!".
    Now that they know they can get away with this sort of thing, it will become a regular control item. There will be Dam Panic, or um Pan Demic over every little thing they feel they want to.
    The genie doesn't go back in the bottle, at least not for long.
  15. You got it.

    His royal highness Govna Wolf was surely licking his chops when he found out about it.
  16. Humanity. We had a pretty good run.
  17. It depends.

    Politicans keep their jobs as essential--now that is about as ironic as you can get. Here is Wisconsin Evers is asking for $700 million dollars to fight the virus PLUS wants nearly $2 billion in referendums in November.

    That money needs to come from somewhere. If politicans want to kepp their essential paid jobs...well?
  18. The transmission of this virus is just getting started. You can follow the "reported" numbers on this John Hopkins website. More states are inclined to go along now than they would have been three weeks ago, when officials were encouraging people to enjoy the parades, beaches, and restaurants. This thing will be with us after April because it is just getting started in fly over country.

  19. A week or two-three weeks ago I would agree with this 100%. However, now we have doctors, nurses, NY Police, etc, dying. There is constant news about front line people begging for protective equipment.

    Now I'm in the camp that this crap is serious. As to the answer to the OP, I could see some sparsely populated states wanting a little looser leash.
  20. Have we learned our lesson or will we continue to support companies that sell goods made in China? Are we tough enough to do without or pay more in order to save our own economy? Are we willing to communicate this clearly to the Captains of Industry by what we spend and not what we say or type? Just curious. Oh yeah——Filson still makes a lot of their goods in America. They cost more but they last.
  21. yup
  22. I wish this crap was just being blown out of proportion, unfortunately I don’t think that’s the case. I’d say most states will follow suit after seeing what it’s doing in certain areas of the country. If they don’t and their state goes to hell they’ll(Governor and administration) will be blamed, if they follow through, any economic hardships can just be blamed on the federal government.
  23. I hear ya Dan, i have a totally different opinion on it myself too after really taking a hard look at what is really happening, and also how it could have been prevented from being what it is today.

    I totally disagree with govt suits telling law enforcement they have to be on the job even if they are deathly ill. Thats just wrong, and they are paying with their lives now. Equipment is being made as fast as possible. We`ve never been in this bad of a place before. Once again, i blame the suits. Cuomo dragged his feet, turned down PPE equipment not long ago in trade for money getting spent on pet projects, and now blames everybody but himself for this problem in NYS. But now they wanna prop this POS up to possibly become a president...???

    We should have never been caught with our pants around our ankles. Thank the suits for that. The suits sent all the jobs overseas, medical & medicine hardly made here. Now we`re left out on the cold to produce everything overnight back here in our own country, when it should have never been left to the outside world to produce the products we need, today. Let this be a very valuable lesson to our country. This is going to make people think not only twice, but three times before we let this happen again. We are now a nation that has failed its own people, because of greed.
  24. Oh, boy. Now you've done it.
  25. Some will some will not. Probably don’t need to treat every city or state the same. Some counties in FL don’t have a single case. Probably don’t need to be that same rules as Orlando or NYC.

    If social distancing and hygiene are effective for mitigation then just do that vs the virtual lockdown. Those with underlying conditions do more.

  26. Will Beararms reminded me of something. Then i read imtolerants post. Here goes. Im in my late 50s. Im an american, will always be an american. When i was a kid in my early 20s looking for christmas presents i would buy ONLY products Made In America that would fit the giving for the person i was buying for. I was very commited to this for years. I would tell every body that its made in america. People would not make sense of it? I got it, made sense to me. Years later it cant be done and keep people happy. Bought a new american truck when inwas young. I would pay more money for usa stuff even though quality was ****. Thats just the way i lived. Now we (americans ) have lost the edge and need to produce products here to get back to the world leader we are. Wake up Americans before its too late! Sorry for the rant. Stay safe.
  27. Absolutely! I give it about three more weeks max. When more people start losing their jobs, businesses, houses, cars, savings, health insurance, and most importantly...their minds, they will completely ignore any directives by the “authorities.”
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  29. My Son bought me a nice Viet Nam Veteran jacket with the appropriate ribbons embroidered on it. I looked at the label, you guessed it, Made in Viet Nam.
  30. Probably not...
  31. The economic impact of this is going to pale in comparison to the death toll from this. They have been slowly ramping up this because if they told the truth the millions if not tens of millions of Americans are going to die from this there would be pandemonium. Almost everyone is going to get this. Most with survive but millions won't.
  32. There were numerous things which encouraged the hollowing out of our manufacturing capacity. Including tax breaks. And allowing corporations to buy back their own stock, often with borrowed money, creating an illusion that top management deserved big bonuses because earnings per share had increased.
  33. So millions of Americans are going to die?
  34. 100,000 dead? In the United States?
  35. Our governor is catching a lot of heat for NOT ordering a state lockdown. Instead, he put the onus back on individuals to make the decision to lockdown. Now schools are still closed, nonessential businesses are encouraged to close, social distancing is recommended, but no order from the state level to lockdown.

    Some municipalities are ordering some lockdowns and curfews. Including monetary fines and possible jail time for violating social distancing. As well as forcing some businesses to close.

    You will find opinions split here on whether to have the government mandate what you can do vs freedom to make your own choices.
  36. Yes!
  37. That is a low ball number.
  38. BAH...I'll believe that when I see it.

  39. Make sure you message me telling me I'm right when you find out it's true. Or will you be a denier and say it is all fake? Well that is if you survive.
  40. Don't worry, I'll still be here. If and when the number of deaths in the United States from COVID-19 reaches 100,000 or more this season, I will come on here and post that you were right. Seriously. Of course, I hope that doesn't happen...not just because I want to be right...but because I want the lowest death toll possible.
  41. I hope you are right and I eat crow. Now as to a low forehead I think you need to take that post down. I did not insult you and Glock talk rules for I'd post like that. Have a good day and goodnight.
  42. A more interesting question is what will the people do? If restrictions lifted how many will take a wait and see approach? Then when infections/deaths skyrocket it will not matter what restrictions there are, folk will stay home.
  43. Unless there is a vaccine, a treatment or something to bring the mortality rate down.
  44. Sorry...I'm calling BS on that. Milllions are not going to die in the USA this year from COVID-19. MAYBE worldwide until they get a vaccine (2 flu seasons), but NFW we even get close to that total here in this country.

    Going from just over 2,000 dead to millions is quite a stretch, even given how contagious this new bug is.
  45. Your question did not specify "this year".

  46. Toocool45, first let me say, your story is far from being a rant, sir. And let me say, i enjoyed reading about YOUR pride. You are a REAL AMERICAN with REAL PRIDE! It is people like you, that keeps and give some of us some hope, that we CAN put this country back together, and MAKE things here again, and be proud that we did/do so. You are wired similar to me, and i can TOTALLY understand what your saying. I come from a very prideful background myself too. When i have the choice to buy AMERICAN, that will always be my first choice, because i`m proud that someone somewhere in AMERICA, in AMERICAN made it. By me buying AMERICAN, i`m supporting someones livelihood, their businesses. Anyone who cant get with that, is NOT a TRUE AMERICAN. Seems all we hear today is excuses why we cant, when we certainly can. I`ve pissed off a few people in GT lately due to my attitude, and i dont much care. Its because i`m old, and i`m VERY sick and tired of all the excuses why we have to be where we are today. Its about time this country woke the hell up out of their panzy a$$ ways, and get to work and make this country shine again, and have some damn pride again. Thank you for your statement/comments. It was perfectly written. Be safe, sir!
  47. Enjoy your house arrest!
  48. Texas rancher here. I bet one of my hay barns is 10x the size of your house. 5 minute drive to get to my front gate.

    Under normal conditions I go weeks without leaving the ranch.

    No significant restrictions in my county.

    Zero impact on me so far.