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Glock 20sf Will G20 Gen4 backstraps fit on a G20SF Gen3?

  1. To me, this seems like a dumb question, but I saw a thread earlier today that mentioned that a G20 Gen4 is a G20SF (I have been unable to find that thread again). There is a chance that what I saw earlier was regarding another Glock model, which would explain why I haven't found it again.

    Next, I imagine the answer to my thread title question is no. But it would be great if that was a yes.

    I just traded for a G20SF Gen3, which fits my hand far better than my previous regular G20 Gen3 did. However, I used to also have a G21 Gen4, and one of its smaller/thinner backstraps made it fit my hand even better. I was thinking that possibly I could buy some Gen4 backstraps and, even though my 20SF Gen3 fits my hand really great, maybe I could make it even better.
  2. Is this the thread?


    Dimensions of the two pistols are the same. :)

    RSA's are different of course (FWIW - also the magazine catch with the Gen4 being easier to manipulate):

    Part # 5586
    Recoil Spring Assembly - 10mm, .45 Auto, G20,G20SF,G21,G21SF (Including "C" models) (marked 5600)

    Part #30077
    Recoil Spring Assembly dual - .45 Auto, 10mm, G21Gen4, 20Gen4,G41Gen4 (Including MOS) (marked 0-7-2)

    Glock website, under store, lists the backstraps for Gen 4 only:

  3. That isn't the thread I saw earlier. Good to know that the dimensions are the same, but I am also concerned that the frame pin holes might differ slightly between dimensions (or some other minor pesky detail). I am just hoping for confirmation that backstraps would fit, before I waste money on them.
  4. In short, no.
  5. The gen 3 sf size from back strap to trigger is the same as a gen 4 with no grip inserts
  6. The question remains: Will Gen4 backstraps properly fit on a Gen3 20SF? One answer so far says no. Two others say the size is the same, but don't say that they will fit. It isn't only about overall frame dimensions. It's about pin hole locations and sizes, and how the backstaps mate with the frame.

    I don't currently have any Gen4 Glocks, with which to make an educated guess.

    edited: It doesn't really matter if I don't get a definitive answer, as the gun fits my hand really well now. But nearly perfect always beats great. I'm just not willing to buy some, just to try, and possibly piss money away for nothing. I was hoping someone could definitively say yes or no, and why.
  7. They will not fit. The Gen 3 backstraps are not the full length of the grip. Also, the Gen 3's don't have the notch on the back of the frame for the backstrap to snap on to like the Gen 4's.
  8. The answer is no. The SF can't take OEM backstraps.
  9. Gen 3 guns have changeable backstraps? I did not know that

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  10. That is precisely the answer I was looking for, and what I was afraid might be the case. Thanks.
  11. The Gen 3's don't come with changeable backstraps but Pearce use to make them for Gen 3's. I had one on my 19 G3. They are not full backstraps like the Gen 4's, but it did provide the dovetail to eliminate slide bite. I think I still have one around here somewhere. If I can find it, I will post a pic.
  12. I don’t know why you would even think they would. The back straps is one of the definitive changes with the gen4 model line. Larger mag release button different grip texture and dual recoil spring we’re among these changes.
  13. They don't. That's why Gen 4 backsrtraps won't fit.
  14. This is the Pearce Grip Force adapter for the Gen 3's. As you can see, it's not the full backstrap. I checked the website and don't believe that they are produced any longer.
  15. Because in the thread that I mentioned, it was said that a "Glock XX Gen4 was a Glock XXSF". I was hoping that the frames on the G20 might not have changed between Gen3 and Gen4, and I didn't recall exactly how the backstraps fit on the G21 that I previously owned (such as grooves in the frame, etc.).
  16. What was your ultimate goal? A slightly larger grip (3rd gen nonSF) or an even larger grip (4th gen with L back strap)
  17. I mentioned that in the OP - "one of the smaller/thinner backstaps made my previous G21 Gen4 fit my hand even better" (than the bare frame, which fit my hand quite nicely). An non-SF G20 fits my hand acceptably, but an SF is noticeably better. An SF with one of the two smallest backstraps fits my hand just about perfectly. In fewer words: A very slightly larger grip.

    It is quite acceptable as is, but slightly better is always mo' betta.
  18. If it did work, wouldn't the smallest backstrap make the grip the same size as a non-SF grip?
  19. Cool !
    As I thought .....no "glock" changeable BS on the gen 3's , I figured I was loosing the rest of my mind LOL.
  20. That’s what I was thinking. Perhaps the texture difference in 3-4 makes it feel like it is noticeably different.