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will cz75 extended baseplates fit in idpa box?

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IDPA is the one sport i want to start, thing is im wondering if the 18 round mags with the +2 baseplates fit or not.
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I kind of doubt it as my Shadow is not a loose fit.
But why do you care?
You can only load 10 +1 in IDPA anyway. Use the OEM baseplate.
One, i only own 4 mags, 2 16 and 2 18, and dont want to have to buy more expensive mags. Second, only 10 rounds? I thought there was a limited 10 competition for that?
You said 'Extended Base' mags.
An 18 round mag with the plastic base that is a little less than 1/2" thick, on my Shadow, will fit the box. The magazine extends a little less than 1/2" from the base of the pistol. This is not an extended base just a plastic as opposed to a steel shoe base.

There is NO class of IDPA where you can load more than 10 rounds plus one in the chamber. A numkber with less.
Limited 10 is a USPSA division, not IDPA. USPSA doesn't have a box.
Plus in a hurry between stages it's way, way easier to load 10 rounds in an 18 round mag than 10 in a 10 round mag. That last round or 2 in a 10 rounder can be tight.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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