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Will a "USED" firearm be covered under warranty?

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Not familiar with purchasing used firearms. From my understanding many manufacturers will request a copy of the original receipt before any repairs could be done to a firearm. In this case, if I'm the second owner of the firearm without the original receipt, would the "used" firearm still be covered under warranty?
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I think it depends on what kind of work you want done. If you want a replacement frame because you stipple job went bad, I think you'll be SOL.

I've taken a LEO trade in G23 (obvious I wasn't the original buyer) to Glock, and they refreshed all the springs, brought it current, and gave me a new mag; no charge.

I have a number of Taurus (Tauri?), and they've all worked 100%, never needed a trip to Miami. Based on my personal experiences with my Taurus guns, mostly non owners seem to complain.
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