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will a Glock 19 slide stop fit on the Glock 21?

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Do the slide stops from a GLOCK 19 interchange with a GLOCK 21 SF?

like a G19 Vicker's Tactical slide stop or are they a different size?
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Slide stops will fit most any Glock (don't know about the 42 and 43). The 36 has its own specific slide stop, too. However, there are different part numbers for different Glocks. Slide stops marked 2912 (7482 for extended) fit 9, 40 and 357 Glocks. The 45 acp, 10mm take a slide stop marked 5427 (3020 for extended, which includes the GAP models). The 41 and 30s have their own marked 30783.
All that said, The Vickers slide stop will work on the 21sf.
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