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Why won't Glockstore post negative reviews?

  1. Bought the double diamond 3.5lb trigger connector from Glockstore. It did not fit my Gen4 Glock 17. I posted a review that stated the connector doesn't fit in the trigger housing channel.

    Glockstore did not post my review.

    Look at their reviews. No provider is that good. They simply will not post negative reviews.

    I since purchased a Ghost connector that fits perfectly.

    Thank you for listening. I contacted Glockstore already and received no response and I will dispute the charge with my credit card company.

  2. Because they are in business to make money.

    They make money by selling stuff.

    They sell stuff by making it seem good.

    The circle is now complete.
  3. Sorry to hear this about glockstore and sorry about your misfortune. I too use ghost connectors and think there awesome and do make the trigger better.
  4. And that's OK with you?
  5. My last Glock 17 had a Ghost connector and it was perfect. Shame on me for trying the Double Diamond. The new Ghost is perfect. Lesson learned.
  6. The ghost lifetime warranty truly is. I had a 3.5 ultimate in my gen3 19 and wanted to try there 3.5 edge. Customer service told me to just snap the ultimate off to make it flat and put it in a envelope and send it back with a note stating I wanted the edge. 8 days later I had a edge in the mailbox. Service like that is hard to find nowadays!
  7. Same reason why gun mags never write negative articles. Money.
  8. I will say I trashed a holster from Brownells last week in a review and returned it. My review was posted by them.
  9. I’ve gotten to the point where I pretty much ignore online reviews. Example, same business - Yelp reviews are trash but Google reviews are very positive. Go figure?
  10. Lack of integrity.
  11. I have several of the DD connectors and they work great..they're all installed in gen3 guns tho
  12. Don't buy from them and send them a personal letter of your disappointment.
  13. I would like to know why I've seen negative threads about Glockstore disappear in the year or so I've actively perused this site.

    At least 5 times, I'd see a thread someone started detailing a negative experience. Then the thread would mysteriously disappear. Or the OP would edit the initial post and ask the mod to delete it.

    Not sure if GS is a sponsor here, or they intimidated the OP, or maybe it's just coincidence. A lot of their products are enticing, but the one thing I purchased that was in stock never shipped, even after calls and emails inquiring as to status. I checked the BBB site, and they have a D- rating.

    (Uh oh, guess I'll be getting that PM now!)
  14. Because GlockStore has become a total rip off?

    They used to have good prices and deals, not so much anymore. Avoid.
  15. The reason you don't see complaint threads about ANY company here is Glock Talk rule #16.

    "16. Threads or posts on Glock Talk may NOT be used to deliberately trash, denigrate, or malign other websites or forums. DO NOT drag your board wars over to this site. Glock Talk is also not to be used as a complaint department for online merchants or sellers. If it comes up in a discussion, you may post your experience(s), but do not start a thread just to complain about a problem you had with a seller/merchant. If you do so, it will jeopardize your account on Glock Talk."

    (bolded emphasis mine)

    I'll leave this up for a few days, and then it, too, will disappear -- in accordance with the rules.

    Here's a link to all of the GT rules, if anyone wants to read them: