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I won’t ship because I don’t want to deal with the pissing and moaning about a gun that “looks to have a high round count” or that it has a hairline scratch that they weren’t told about. (That is so minute I didn’t know it was there myself)

I’m up front about what I sell, and I want the full and unquestioned approval from a prospective buyer befor cash changes hands.

Simply stated, it’s my gun and I call the shots, and I don’t want to screw with people. In just a few hours, a FTF deal can go from inquiry to done. A long distance deal can drag on for months. I have shipped, but the price is usually not as negotiable, and nearly everything is on my terms or it ain’t happnen’.
Good point about having the buyer see it in person. No reason they could complain later.

Also good points in this thread about shipping being such a PITA.

But I definitely would be leery of some FTF only people. I’m thinking of another site where some guy we worked in baggage at the airport was caught smuggling guns he bought off that site.

Amazing how fast the ATF tracked down each sale and showed up to chat with everyone who sold a gun to the guy. Not that any of them did anything wrong.... I think it was the govts way of saying “we see you.”

The internet doesn’t provide any kind of privacy with these transactions. I don’t think a lot of folks get that.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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