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Why the Glock 19?

  1. Can any of you enlighten me about why the Glock 19 is so popular? If you own one or have shot one, what makes it special to you? I notice that a lot of people own and love them, and I am curious about the reasons why. Are there any disadvantages?
  2. to me, the 19 is the perfect size, not so little that it carries so few rounds and not so big that you cant conceal it. and last, but not least, the 9mm is not that expensive or heavy. with all that being said, im carrying a 23 at the moment,but, i do have a 19, and carried it for three years. it's just that my 23 is new.
  3. Is the best size all around you can CCW or use it for a duty weapon
    Has 15 rounds of ammo in a medium size and is not to heavy
    I love my G19 fit just perfect between the G26 and the G17
  4. It's just the MOST Perfect Glock.
    Perfect compromise of size, concealability and firepower
  5. My G19 is the perfect size with plenty of firepower.
  6. At the risk of asking a stupid question....but is the size better suited for 9mm or is the 23 OK firing .40?

    I assume both are just great and it's only a matter of choice.
  7. True of All Glocks
    • High quality
    • Dependable and reliable
    • very tough and can take abuse, does not have to be babied to work
    • the relatively low price makes it an extremely good value.
    • Many law enforcement types trust their life to a Glock everyday- what better testimony is needed?
    • Built in rail for light (at least on most models)
    • widely available parts, very interchangeable and simple to work on.
    • even high capacity mags available if desired.
    • simple operation----load mag, rack slide, pull trigger----repeat as necessary.
    Pros of the 19
    • Compact size--- offers a compromise, can be concealed or openly carried.
    • High capacity-15 rounds.
    • 9x19mm round-----one of the world's most popular and been around for over a century. In most cases (except in certain election years), the round is widely available. Many options exist in ammo, from high dollar self-defense ammo to cheap FMJ plinking ammo. Despite the subject of many debates, a very proven self-defense round.
    • Most people can shoot it well, handles easily for most.
    • manageable recoil.
    • Just plain works (but of course this is true of all Glocks)
    This is my take on the Glock situation overall and specifically for the 19.
  8. It is the ideal size for either CCW or duty carry, but IMHO you're missing the boat with a G19. Why not get a 23/32 and a couple of conversion barrels? That way you have one platform that shoots three calibers. 9mm. .40S&W and .357SIG
  9. When people ask me about their advice on buying their first hangun, I point them to the Glock 19. It is compact, reliable, inexpensive and shoots 9mm which is probably one of the most abundant rounds out there. The G19 is just a good all around pistol for all occasions. I say start with the 9mm and move up from there. A good defensive 9mm +p+ round is very effective.
  10. As most everyone else has already stated, price, reliability, capacity vs. size/ weight ratio, simplicity (of operation, disassembly, part availability, upgrades, sometimes finding ammo...), oh and that sweet trigger pull. Its a Glock.
  11. It's an all-purpose gun. Small enough to conceal, big enough for the range, powerful enough for self-defense, small enough caliber for anybody to shoot and cheap enough to shoot a lot.
  12. Glock reliability......15rds.......carries well.......9mm effective........................affordability.:cool:
  13. Perfect size, 15 round capacity, ammo is cheap. :supergrin:
  14. All i know is they are tough to find used around my way. I wanted one but couldnt find one in the $400 range...so I went with the 23 with the conversion barrel and i love it. Use .40 for personal, and the 9 for the range.

    I just try and shoot the .40 a good amount too so im ready because the round is definately different!

    The big thing is the cheap ammo and the size. Holding feels perfect!
  15. I would agree with most of the statements here. For me it was the way it felt in my hand. the grip angle just fit perfectly.
  16. To all of the above

  17. Me likes, me likes mucho

    Although the trigger guard digs into my middle finger/knuckle. The standard or subcompact sizes don't as much

    Hey Bubbala, can it work in any other way? Ex. G32 with G22, G19 barrel or G19 with G22, G32?
  18. I ordered a G19 about a week ago due to the overwhelming positive reviews. I looked at all kinds of guns before making this decision. I will eventually pick up some of these other guns, but due to a great deal I got on a new G19, I had to grab it now. Check out the G19 on youtube.
  19. Many great videos on youtube on the G19
  20. Well said , the 19 is the perfect size for me . I have a "2 pin" model .
  21. All of the Above.
  22. I love the size, and my 23 is one of my favorite handguns. 19 is at the top of my list for next purchases.
  23. I'm still new to Glock (new to gun actually) but can you just swap barrels and get 9mm mags to make it a Glock 19 with the Glock 23 stamp on the slide?

    Or are there any differences with the internals (aside from barrel and mag) between the .40 glocks vs 9mm glocks?
  24. Well aside from all the goodies ALL glocks share.....

    The 19 (23, 32) compact size frames offer a balance size that "fits" many people. The size allows concealability for many people yet large enough to be considered a "duty size" weapon. Magazine capacity is ample for the frame size (15 rounds in 9mm).

    Also the G19 has been around for quite a while and has amassed quite a following.

    Caliber specifics for the 9mm: The 9mm has been around for a while, usually can be purchased relatively inexpensively (compared with other calibers), comes in many bullet configurations and is a proven Self Defense round. Also, the 9mm cartridge is quite manageable to shoot accurately for many many people.

    The G19 is that old reliable car that will get you where you want to go every time and simple enough and the right size for most of the people you know to drive.
  25. +1 Couldn't have said it better myself.
  26. To all of the above, ME TOO!!!!!!
  27. in one word: balance
  28. 1. Fits my hands well
    2. 15 round mags(important in NJ)
    3. Accurate
    4. Lightweight
    5. Simple to use
    6. Simple to maintain
    7. Super reliable
  29. My G19 arrived at Cabela's from OMB Guns this morning. It is now with me at home! I got it at LEO pricing for $398.20 + $30 shipping + $35 Cabela's transfer fee, for a total of $463.20. I am not a LEO, but I am an airline pilot, and many gun retailers will extend LEO pricing to military, TSA, commercial pilots, etc. You just have to ask and provide proof of your credentials. My next gun will more than likely be a Springfield Armory gun of some sort. I already confirmed that I can get them at their LEO pricing. It doesn't hurt to check. I just wish that the Cabela's five minutes from my house would extend LEO pricing. Oh well, can't win them all.
  30. The only real downside to the 19 comes if and when you expand the collection. It's popular because it's a compromise. When you want to specialize, it is less than the best choice for most ways in which you will use a pistol. If you want to CC, the 26 will do a better job. If you want to carry OWB, the 17 has higher capacity and a longer barrel for higher velocity and greater accuracy. IMO, if you know you are going to eventually own more than one in the same cal, go full size+sub.
  31. I agree with this 100%.

    I'd prefer a longer barrel for a 9mm round. BUT I definitely prefer the size of the G19 vs the G17. The mid size fit my hand like a glove.
  32. G26 > G19

    I said it!

    I love the 19, fits like a glove. But the G26 is cooler...:rofl:
  33. G19 was my first glock. Large capacity and good for concealed carry. The gun just always works. I cant tell you how many rounds I've fired out of it (1000+) and I have not had a jam. Feels good in my hand. Great balance, nice recoil, quick recovery for follow up shots, very economical ammo. That is why I luv my G19!
  34. Great size and capacity, I love mine. I never hear anyone talk about TFO's night sights but I really like mine. I would definitely suggest one for CCW.
  35. Great size and is extemely reliable and pretty darn accurate. 15+1 rounds of 9mm isn't too shabby. As for disadvantages, other than someone saying the 9mm round isn't enough, they're making some pretty mean 9mm SD loads these days. With proper shot placement, which a 9mm lends itself too, by having less recoil, and being able to get back on target quicker, and having a 15+1 capacity, I don't see too many disadvantages. Ammo is going to be cheaper and readily available too.
  36. I don't own any compact Glocks. There is so little difference in weight and size that it doesn't bother me. If it's not possible to conceal the full size, I go to a sub-compact (G33).

    The full size just fits my hands better.
  37. I went with the G23. Same exact size gun only 2 less rounds with more BANG!
  38. G23 & G19 same price too. Although 9mm ammo is less expensive.
  39. I bought a G26 11 years ago. Shot it 3K rounds. Carried it sometimes. Bought several Video's from Training Schools across the country. The gun of choice from the videos is the G19. Small compact and holds lots or ammo. I traded my G26 for a G19 in 2008 and bought it's Twin last year with a GSSF Certificate. Both guns rock along with their 35+ Mags....