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why not create a video game for IPSC and IDPA

  1. im just thinkin, coz im an avid fan of playstations, xboxes since they started appearing in the market to cater for video gamers of all ages. I was just wonderin why Sony, microsoft, nintendo, and other video game industries havent thought about promoting practical shooting by creating video games of the IPSC, IDPA, USPSA, in a video game console? They have NBA live, NFL live, NHL live, virtua tennis, and other fun-filled competitive games like that but they dont have practical shooting competition as a video game?
    i guess, if they do have that, it will promote shooting competitions as a competitive sport to the public much like PGA tour or billiards for that matter.
    im sure it will be a cool video game if ever they develop one. specially with the nintendo wii, where you get to act out the sport itself while playing the game.
    i think it would be cool. what do you guys think?
  2. closest to that I've seen is the MOUT training part of americas army
  3. really? i havent tried america's army yet. pero, mas maganda sana actual simulation ng IPSC or IDPA like you can go third person when not aiming, loading your pistol, or doing some cover, and then the camera just zooms in as first person shooter when you're engaging targets. And then, the area itself is so detailed like in tiger woods PGA 2007. ganda sana...:)
  4. sabi ni mcoliver meron ipsc video game sa timezone
  5. didn't realize this thread was in BoG.. language barrier :brickwall:
  6. I used to use Time Crisis for practice pampabilis ng daliri hehe
  7. yeah, i used to play time crisis too before back when i was using playstation 1. im sure if they create a new shooter game in the xbox 360 or ps3, it will be 100 x cooler. hehe.
    well, i'll maybe write those game developers and make a suggestion. they usually do read your suggestions and write you a feedback.
  8. Meron nga doc kita ko din last week. naka optic din. tamang tama pang open division.
  9. Also saw one at the Calgary International Airport.
  10. Sorry about that MOTHERGREEN.
    Normally we BoGs help out non-Filipino posters once they indicate
    diffciulty with the lingo. Here are translations of what's already
    been posted.

    The Tactician posted: really? i havent tried america's army
    yet. but, an actual simulation of IPSC or IDPA would be so much
    better, like you can go third person when not aiming, loading your
    pistol, or doing some cover, and then the camera just zooms in as
    first person shooter when you're engaging targets. And then, the area
    itself is so detailed like in tiger woods PGA 2007. That'd be

    EyeCutter posted: mcoliver says there's an ipsc video game
    at timezone arcade.

    Allegra posted: I used to use Time Crisis for practice, for
    finger speed, hehe

    Tanduay responded to EyeCutter: Yeah, there is indeed, I saw
    it last week. Optic (sights). Perfect for open division.

    ogiebb posted: yep love that game...
    best practice i ever had.... the ammo comes cheap :)


    I once sprained my ankle playing Keisatsukan II (FPS with a
    motion sensor: the screenview changes as you shift around).

    The only things that puppy needs is a cycling, weighted slide
    to simulate recoil on the 'pistol', simulated muzzle fash and
    noise, and spare "magazines" (eject a cable anchored mag, tap
    it to the main console to reload, and re-insert. Oh... and an
    IPSC-themed storyline.
  11. heh thanks I appreciate it. the americas army was the people targets some had guns some were no shoots so I figure thats kinda close to what you see in competition. the only thing I can think of to get you exactly what you want would be to buy a pc game like half life 2 and learn how to make your own mod.
  12. Guys, you have to understand that not a whole lot of people compete in IPSC or IDPA.

    There isn't enough of a market.

    We are a very very small minority.

  13. Come to think of it
    The video game would be a great way to market the sport :)
  14. found this link while browsing for a shooting simulation games.

    haven't tried to download it yet kasi mapuputulan ako ng inet connection pag ginawa ko yun.:supergrin:

    i'll try to download this nalang doon sa inet cafe tapus try ko install sa computer ko to check kung ok ang game na 'to.
  15. I'm getting all my IPSC needs at Timezone, Serendra. :supergrin:
  16. There isn't enough demand. And demand comes first.

    No demand, no market.

    That simple.
  17. I believe you could do both. Create a need or want; or tap into an existing demand. Just like when I started shooting in the late '80s. I remember all pistols had iron sights (Bo-Mar being the most popular). Holsters were of the "Liberty" type, the real old school holsters. Popular ammo choice (the most accurate and consistent bullet, IHMO) for the .45 ACP was H&G semi-wadcutter propelled by either WW231, Bullseye, Mulwex, etc. and PTCs were free! Then, somebody decided to modify pistols with compensators and optics, hence, OPEN! :) Propellant manufacturers saw a potential in the market, and they created powders for different type of loads. The .38 Super (which is an old caliber) entered the market for open guns.

    Again, some people decided to go back to the traditional ways, so they created Standard Division and IDPA which has now a substantial following. Then, some wanted to go in between; and limited and modified divisions were created. The manufacturers, together with the people in the shooting sports, created demands for their products and succeeded.

  18. my sentiments exactly...market the sport through video games. If they have IDPA, IPSC, USPSA, we can get to "create our own shooter" or get to use world famous pistol shooters like david sevigny, rob leatham, todd jarett and the like.
    Then filipino game designers will follow and create the PPSA (cool)..and we get to use our very own top world-class shooters or perhaps, maybe, some famous BOGS shooters as well. hehehehehe.