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My stock 20SF will not shoot 40. The LWD barrel will shoot it. To save 10mm brass I shoot 40 loaded to 10mm length for plinking. This is in my gun anyone else is doing it at their own risk.
For you apocalyptic loaders who do this stuff, here's the standard required safety warning:
.40 SW max. pressure SAAMI= 35000psi.
10mm max. pressure SAAMI=37500psi.
So, IF you load the .40 case to a 10mm COAL you've got the same combustible volume--I got that. But the critical fact the .40 brass can't take as much heat says, "Don't push it or, better, don't do this at all even if we're under the upcoming Ricktatorship. Get Starline :supergrin:10mm brass.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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