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Why I like Wal Mart.

  1. There seems to be a lot of bad mouthing going on lately about Wal Mart.

    It seems to me that if Wal Mart was a fraction as bad as some people let on, Wal Mart wouldn't be one of the biggest companies in the world, employing millions of people.

    So why do I not dislike Wal Mart.

    I hate to shop.
    But since just about everything I shop for is at one place.....Walmart....I can take as little time as possible in town shopping.

    Wal Mart's price is about the lowest in town.

    The auto gas price IS the lowest in town.

    The checkout lines are fast.

    The checkout people are friendly. A couple weeks ago, somehow, the check out lady and I got to talking about guns. I invited Her out to my range to learn to shoot. :)

    Yesterday I couldn't find something, "Zatarain's Gumbo Mix" (I'm going to make a BIG pot of Gumbo. :) ) so I asked a lady stocking shelves.
    She told me where it was. It was several isles over.
    Then, a minute later she showed up to help me find it.

    My Wife and I moved to Texas in the mid 1960's. Some time after that the first Wal Mart opened. Been going there ever since.

    I'm sure it's happened but in all those years I can't remember a rude Wal Mart employee.
    I don't tolerate rude people, I get nasty.

    Yesterday, along with shopping, I needed to pick up some Prescriptions and wanted to get the (free) Flu and Pneumonia shots.
    Although the lady, that gave me the shot, was right busy, she took some time to research whether I need the Pneumonia shot this year.

    A few weeks ago, another lady in the Prescriptions depart spent some time checking on a lower price for several Prescriptions for me.

    Still, I hate shopping, but Wal Mart does make it as painless as possible.
  2. Oh boy, we're going to have WalMart wars.

  3. Only if Wal Mart puts me on the payroll as a spokesman. :)

  4. We really shouldn't have WalMart wars. PetSmart doesn't sell handgun ammo either boys.

    So, you say the difference is WalMart did, until just now. Well, WalMart also used to sell the actual handguns that use the handgun ammo. But I haven't see a call for WalMart boycotts over that anytime recently.

    Business is business. People who run the business make business decisions. Some backfire. If this one backfires on WalMart, that's their problem and some other business will insinuate itself into the market and take up the slack. Do as you wish as a consumer, but don't try to control or shame the choices others make.
  5. I have almost the same experiences, but at Publix. No more Wal Mart for me.
  6. The salient point is this: when sweet baby Freedom is stolen from us, one Walmart at a time, we can either capitulate or not.

    I say not.

    The Enemy never comes to you in his naked deformity. He appears as the sweet but married employee who is having marital issues, and comes to you for counsel. He comes as a bottle of booze, or a carton of smokes that destroys your life 30 years later. You never see his true identity until it is too late. And so too it is with vendors who are systematically destroying America. They have awesome prices and service, so you (not me) keep on propping them up until you wake up some day and see that gun ownership has been made unlawful. And then its too late.

    You take a stand, or you don't. It looks like you don't.
  7. In some parts of the country, shopping at Walmart is the best option. In others, it may be the only option. I quite understand that.

    However, Walmarts vary greatly in the way they are staffed and managed. I have been in Walmarts in more rural areas that are actually run pretty well, which are well-staffed with helpful employees.

    If that is the case in your area, consider yourself fortunate. There are three Walmart "Super" stores in my immediate area and I have been to all of them. The service has been bad for years and getting worse. It is the norm in these stores to see shoppers wandering the aisles fruitlessly looking for an employee to help them. There are probably 10-12 check out lanes but at most two are staffed and there are always long lines. When employees can be found they are sometimes friendly or at least civil, but it is not at all uncommon to find rude ones.

    If you look at some of the other "Walmart" threads on this forum, you will find that many others have had poor experiences shopping at Walmart. These are not hallucinations that we are having.
  8. Sure. Where else am I gonna see this.
  9. I’ll admit it’s handy to get my ammo at the same time that I’m picking up a gallon of milk, but I can drive to another store. Or better yet, order it online. Or even better yet, put it together myself on my press.
  10. You're pretty off the wall if you suggest M2 isn't a strong 2nd A supporter and merely shopping at Walmart doesn't change his creds. Don
  11. Do a little research on just how big Wal Mart is.

    If they wanted to screw with our gun rights, they could REALLY screw with our gun rights, not just stop selling ammo.
  12. So the more people do it, the better it must be? I'm not quite sure that the "might makes right" argument is a good one to employ here.
  13. Forget the Walmart stuff. What time is the Gumbo served @M2 Carbine ? :eat:

    BTW, I agree with you Buck. Virtue signalling against Walmart has become mainstream for both the right and the left. And yet, they are still doing pretty well at the end of the day.
  14. If you like your wal mart, then you can keep your anti-gun wal mart. Simple as that.
  15. "I'm guessing I was "taking a stand" for gun rights. long before you were born. :)
  16. I have never liked Walmart but the fact is that when I am working remotely (about 40 weeks out of the year), and need something, I can usually find it at a Walmart, so I put up with the Walmart people, get my stuff, try to pick the least slow line at the two or three open checkout lines, and attempt to zoom out the door before someone asks to see my receipt.
  17. Pretty difficult to beat Walmart's former prices for calibers like 9mm.

    Yeah, yeah, someone will pipe up and say he loads 9mm for some really low price only to find that some buddy gives him wheel weights for free (big tire shops like Discount Tire will not give you wheel weights, they recycle them) and he casts his own slugs. Buying your own casting lead makes casting fairly expensive along with needing a melting pot and lube tool to the point that you're above commercial prices, probably even after amortizing the cost of new tools.

    By the time you add shipping to online, once again you're at Walmart prices.

    Go to Bass Pro and buy FMJs, primers and powder and you're above Walmart prices and that doesn't consider your time.

    I reload for .357, 500 Mag and .458 Win Mag and use commercial slugs for all. With THOSE, I save lots of money, particular the 458 and 500. Don
  18. It's not Walmart that you like it's the people who work there. You are lucky to have good people where you live. The Walmart that is nearest to me is exactly the opposite of what you describe. The checkouts are slow, always understaffed and the checkers are often surly and act like they are doing me a favor to ring up my purchases. There is never an employee around to help... and if by chance I happen to find one, they, more often than not, act like it is a big imposition to help me.

    I hate Walmart.
  19. Other than 22, I never bought much ammo from Wal Mart, but, because of their price I always told people to get their 9mm from WM. Best price in town.
  20. Gumbo DOES NOT come from a mix.
    Dammitman :okie:
  21. You are correct.
    For sure, if the local Wal Mart people acted like you (and others) tell about, I wouldn't go to Wal Mart either.

    But honestly, in the many years I've shopped there, I can't remember one Wal Mart employee I wanted to hit. :)
  22. I don’t begrudge anyone shopping at wally world. I get so little from them that they will never miss my business. Their attitude of late makes my decision just that much easier.
  23. If Petsmart started selling firearms, i would be more than interested in going there...
  24. For sure.

    I can't compare to the Louisiana Coonass Gumbo they use to make on the Gulf of Mexico oil rigs, but as a friend use to say,
    "It will make a turd." :)
  25. I hate shopping at WalMart just becuase its WalMart, but when you live in a small town like I do the choices are limited on where to shop.

    I really just hate shoping in any store.
  26. Walmart is about a half mile from my house, I go there every week out of convenience. I can get virtually everything I need there. If I had better options I would use them.

    My biggest complaint is the damn store has about 20-25 registers and usually only 2 or 3 are open, no matter how busy they are. Always long lines. No excuse for that.
  27. For sure. Shopping is just a time wasting PITA to me.

    I think the only place I ever liked shopping is Gun Stores and Gun Shows.
  28. Well, that might have been an hallucination. At least, I hope it was.

  29. I pretty much have a choice between WalMart, Kroger, and Target.

    Oh and Sams Club, which is WalMart.

    pick yer poison
  30. 'M2 obviously hasn't seen the South Park episode "Something Wall Mart This Way Comes" - else he'd know the full dangers to himself, his neighbors, and the surrounding businesses that occur whenever and wherever a Wall Mart(sic) pops up.

  31. I run service calls for data networks at many different store brands including Walmart, so I see alot of them. The differences I see are location based. Same with Home Depot. More rural locations where owning a gun is a way of life and a Walmart job is a good job - the staff is more friendly and the stores are cleaner and better stocked. Urban locations have to have private security at the door and the inside is chaos. Too broad a brush to say all are the same.
  32. Walmart finds a new way to piss me off every time I go there. I've got to give them credit for that.
  33. Agree. This is America. Others have rights too, not just gun owners.
    1. There's no need to justify shopping at Wal-Mart or anywhere else solely due to politics or policies.
    B. This is America. Voting with your dollars works both ways. Wal-Mart knows that and is betting big $$ on America's Free Enterprise System.
  34. The only thing I buy at WalMart is at the WalMart Neighborhood Mkt. pharmacy.
    That's where I get my drugs. Other than that they don't sell anything other than groceries.
  35. Walmart has partnered with Bloomberg. That's a no go for me.

    Happyguy :)
  36. You probably already know this but WM honors the,

    "singlecare" Pharmacy Savings Card
  37. I agree 100%. I’m not thrilled when we have to go, but we don’t have any other choice where we are. Our target and Kmart closed years ago. Ugh
    As much as I hate going there(menards also, lol), there is no other place where we can get what we want for the prices they offer. In most instances, there is no other place we can get what we actually need.
  38. If I don't go to Wal Mart I have to travel 70 or so miles to buy a pair of jeans. Yes, I'm a rural dweller, more pluses than minus's. I never did buy much ammunition there because I didn't feel like wasting time looking for a clerk that had the key's. I don't like their stand on firearms and ammunition, but for me to not go there is hurting me a lot more than them. As far as rude employee's go, who needs them? I pick out my own stuff and go to the self check out. Ammo's cheaper on line anyhow.
  39. I use Walmart when necessary. I have had some less than stellar experiences with the cashiers. Just recently I gave the cashier 3 coupons worth $3.50. I wasn't paying attention and neither was my wife (we were talking about where we were going after we left WM) and I did not notice until I got back home that the cashier did not scan any of the coupons. How hard can that be.... I just handed them to you!!
  40. I'm retired and have Humana for prescription insurance. I pay very little and also use mail order Humana for maintenace drugs.
  41. I’d bet that is that dude K all Ward or something close to that that used to post here.

  42. I REALLY HATED to see K Mart close.

    They use to run very good sales on guns and ammo.

    A number of times they screwed up on the Sunday Newspaper ad and did things like advertizing Remington 1100 shotguns at the Rem 870 SALE price and putting 100 round box of 22LR on sale for the 50 round sale price.

    One Sunday I drove to Ft Worth to clean two stores out of 22 ammo. :)

    Right now I'm wearing the last pair of $17 (on sale) K Mart boots I bought years ago.
    Actually, excellent boots. I wish I had bought 20 pair, or more, back then, before K Mart closed.
    Nothing at Wal Mart.

    I found a picture of the boots.
    Eating lunch, flying with my feet and knees.
    I miss those fun days. :)

    407 panel 4.jpg
  43. No pockets, love his key holder.
  44. I just left mart bought me some oatmeal and a sub sammich. If I remember I will take a picture of the 350 whale that works there he goes through more hair color than a woman. Wears a kilt to and a big nose ring/hoop. I never buy ammo from them I buy mine at Alaska ammo or sportsman’s warehouse. Always cheaper than mart was.
  45. I don't care who does or does not shop at Wal-Mart, but I am curious about what it is that you ACTUALLY NEED that you cannot get anywhere else. What would that be exactly?
  46. When I lived in Arkansas I knew a former Walmart exec. He told me all Walmart wants it to be the only major store in America.

    The overall plan is to also become a bank. You have your paycheck or government check deposited to the Walmart bank. As a member of the bank you are a member of Walmart and get member prices. Between the local Walmart stores you would be able to get medical, dental, glasses, photos, insurance, tires etc. as well as the regular Walmart stuff. Then they wanted to expand into auto sales and auto parts. Then finally home sales and a leasing office for renters. Even full service restaurants adjacent to the stores.

    Basically one stop shopping for everything and everyone deposits every welfare to Walmart. Imagine every government check and every EBT card spent at only Walmart.

    The plan was derailed because the SEC and FDIC stopped them from becoming a bank. But they are very patient.
  47. Walmart already owns banks. Research Arvest Banks.
  48. A step in the plan.
  49. Weird untimely double-tap
  50. I know I could get most of the stuff off of Amazon, but there are certain things you want to purchase with a physical reference, and it is just a matter of convenience.
    I don’t personally have anything against Walmart, I just hate to shop there.
    There are lots of stuff I do get on amazon, but sometimes you just have to go out and get ****. Lol
    Sometimes **** comes up when you need stuff now! Lol