Why I hate Chegg.com

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    For those that may not be familiar with Chegg it is a business that specializes in school (college) book rentals. We're paying for my daughters college out of pocket so saving everywhere we can helps out.

    When my daughter first told me of Chegg I thought it was a great idea and would help save some $$

    The short story is that the last set of books returned to Chegg showed up on their web site as having been received/accepted. Now it shows the status on one of the books as pending. We have already been charged for the book and now Chegg wants us to prove that the book was returned in order to refund the money - we can't becuase it had been previously shown as being received so any delivery receipt was thrown out. Yeah, yeah, I know some of you are going to say you should have kept the receipt longer - and in hindsight we should have.

    A debit card was used for the initial rental fee and that's a mistake because I found out from my bank that debit cards do not have the same protections as conventional credit cards do. The charge was $50 and change. Plus my banks fee of $15 to dispute the charge only to be told sorry we can't help you. And I'm not going to pursue filing a police report of fraud or whatever the charge would be. Its not worth my time.

    So this is only a small rant on my part.

    If you use Chegg and have good luck with them good for you. I don't expect you to not use them any more. If on the other hand you are contemplating about whether to use Chegg or not, you have one strong suggestion against doing so.