Why do they want to ban AR's??

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  1. el_jewapo


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    They want to ban all guns. AR's are just the easiest target right now. They won't be satisfied if and when it happens. Just a stepping stone.
  2. RMTactical

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    +1 this is it.

    For the majority of people (sheeple), it's an emotional thing.

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    Sep 4, 2009
    ARs and such are just the beginning. The antis consider ALL guns to be "assault weapons" and their ultimate goal is their complete elimination. But they have to do it in small steps and ARs are a good starting point in their twisted minds.
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  4. Goat 36

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    Aug 2, 2010
    As was stated, you're assuming these people are 'reasonable' and have a reasonable/logical intent with this ban.

    They are not and they do not.

    The Bayo Lug concept simply comes from them taking a wide range of guns they don't want in civilian hands and looking for something they all have in common so that they can say 'that' particular feature/characteristic is 'Evil' and should not be allowed.

    It's just a simple, or more PC, way to say they don't want you to have any of a number of specific rifles because 'they' feel safer if 'you' don't have them.

    Simple as that.
  5. gommer


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    Feb 20, 2011
    I would also propose that a good number of people, perhaps close to a majority, want or need to be told WHAT to think.

    So, whatever they hear their favorite newscaster say -- or educator -- they will echo.

    Most people live in their 'bubble of familiarity.' Anything outside of that bubble, they're kinda lost. This is particularly true in 'first world' nations such as the United States. Particularly the United States.

    Physically, we're very isolated from the rest of the world. Most Americans have little understanding of the happenings around the world. Especially in third world countries. Even our on neighbors, sadly.

    I work in an engineering group -- one of our duties is to arrange, store, and develop reports on data. I regularly receive a request to create a set of data to support a result -- frequently given a sheet with a set of numbers. My task is to match as close to those numbers as possible and justify the reasoning behind the process.

    Point being -- you can slice large sets of data in a way that will support your agenda the majority of the time even if it's not entirely accurate given the entire scope of the data.

    I would cite the drug wars in Mexico as a GREAT example. Most Americans think that it's just a crazy hell hole in Mexico because of the drug wars. I would argue we likely have very similar drug related deaths, maybe more, in the United States. Granted, we don't generally see mass graves but it's also not uncommon for multiple bodies for be found in abandoned lots in places like Detroit.

    Once again, outside our bubble of familiarity -- must not be happening, right? So when the media (liberal and not alike) reports on homicide statistics -- it's not really fair because they're not slicing that data by drug related violence.

    If you count gang violence for what it is, drug violence - I suspect, but have no source to prove, that those numbers would be a very large majority of the homicides in the United States. The second majority would be robberies, a good portion of those - probably a majority - would be druggies looking for more cash to fund their habit.

    In fact, if you counted Mexico's drug related homicides like we count drug related homicides in the United States (the FBI does) -- Mexico would probably have LESS drug related homicides than we do. Why? Because they're not dealing the dope there -- the homicides there are turf related the vast majority of the time. Here, while the majority of our drug related homicides are probably (again, can't confirm) turf related -- the ones we count are just the ones where drug transactions are actually occurring or are in some other way directly involved.

    So yes, inside our little bubbles -- life is great.

    Or is it? Motor vehicle death statistics are something the media hides from, too. You're far more likely to die in a car crash than by a firearm. You're also far more likely to be injured in a car accident than by a firearm.

    Cars are deadly!

    And guess what, this is one I've not heard brought up at all -- there are LESS cars in the United States (that are registered) than there are firearms! There are roughly 250 million registered vehicles in the US and *estimates* put firearms (often) at more than 300 million!

    They're taboo subjects. They don't fit an agenda so we don't talk about them.

    It's like .. OMG we don't have the money going into Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid to cover all the people who are on it or need it!!!!

    But ohh God, do NOT talk about the estimated 50 MILLION babies killed since Rowe v Wade! But, guess what? Those 50 million people who were murdered legally can't pay into the system that was DESIGNED for them to pay into!

    That's a taboo subject, though. So you'll never hear that argument come up in the mainstream media.

    So what do we do about it?

    I say this over and over again, arm yourself with FACTS! Remember the sources - remember the numbers. Be prepared to defend them. And educate people who are against your ideas using those facts. Educated people generally are capable of making good decisions. If they are educated and still don't agree with you -- at least they made their own decision.

    That's the best we can hope for. Knowledge is infectious - when you arm your opponent with facts - their going to tell other people those same facts. It spreads. May not make everyone agree with you or us or whatever, but again -- it will help a number of them have the 'opportunity' to make their own educated decision.

    Hmmm.. I digress.

    That was long.
  6. pizza_pablo

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    Oct 23, 2009
    DL wants to ban them, because they make great blue helmet dingers.
    The Lib minions want to ban them, because they have been systematically brain washed into thinking that guns are evil, by the giant tit they have been sucking on, for decades.
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    Yeah, but the funding was all federal dollars which came from DEA task force money to fund training, tanks, weapons, etc.

    If you take drugs out of the equation SWAT teams really lose about 90% of their reason for existing except in a relatively few urban areas. We have a SWAT team here that does nothing but Drug Enforcement. They just bought an armored car recently for god knows what. I used to shoot with a bunch of the guys on the team.

    Give me a f-ing break dude. Until the "War on Drugs" and the associated legal travesties directed at our citizens in the name of legislating morality, we never had anything like the sort of organized paramilitary crap we have now. Practically every Sheriffs dept. in the nation has a tac team and a tank now.

    Show me where "Serve and Protect" covers no-knock warrants and possession busts.
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    Mar 11, 2007
    I saw a documentary on some Amish folk. A couple of them said they liked that much of their life was controlled. They described it as "freeing" and "liberating" to not have to worry about things that were decided and handled by the church.

    I could never understand that.
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    Jan 12, 2008
    I REAP what YOU sow
    wow thats scary .

  10. Leigh


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    Actually, yes. There are in fact only two sides...two sides that really matter.

    Do people honestly "think" there are actually many folks on the sidelines just waiting to choose a side?