Why didn't Zimmerman wait for the Police?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by ModGlock17, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. ModGlock17


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    Dec 18, 2010
    Many people have stated that Zimmerman made a mistake by not waiting for the police. Granted.

    But why didn’t he wait? Was there a logical reason other than the allegation that he was out to hunt a black kid ?

    I’ve found something about police statistics if you were to rely on them to solve your problem of a violent nature:

    “The Police Officer's potential for hitting his adversary during armed confrontation has increased over the years and stands at slightly over 25% of the rounds fired. An assailant's skill was 11% in 1979.

    In 1990 the overall Police hit potential was 19%. Where distances could be determined, the hit percentage sat distances under 15 yards were:

    Less than 3 yards ..... 38%

    3 yards to 7 yards .. 11.5%

    7 yards to 15 yards .. 9.4%

    In 1992 the overall Police hit potential was 17%. Where distances could be determined, the hit percentages at distances under 15 yards were:

    Less than 3 yards ..... 28%

    3 yards to 7 yards .... 11%

    7 yards to 15 yards . 4.2%



    If there was a connection between range marksmanship and combat hitsmanship, one would expect the combat hit potential percentages, to be well above the dismal ones reported. That is because the shooting distance was less than 20 feet in 75 percent of the 4000 encounters studied.”


    That doesn’t exactly build my confidence in the police. I am not trying to justify for Zimmerman. I am trying to explore whether the police’s typical capability justifies waiting for them when you’re in a dire situation.
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  2. larry_minn

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    Dec 16, 1999
    So beyond the point that new threads are not encouraged. *unless you have new info*
    Lets see. From what I recall He WAS waiting for Police. He was following and updateing Police (via dispatcher) where , what was going on.

    He was NOT trying to capture anyone. From any info I have seen. Do you have more info?

    So you have stats that the closer the threat is the better chance a Officer has of hitting suspect? Not sure how this follows???

    Is the point that you now realize that most folks under stess don't shoot as well as even under (stress) of pistol match? Or that many Officers don't consider the pistol as a tool they want to spend more time then required to qualify?

    All of those things I think 95% of posters (even in cop talk) will agree.

    1 the closer to suspect the Officers is when he/she has to fire the better chance of getting hits with pistol
    2. Some/many Officers are not "gun nuts" and only want to be able to qualify.

    If you question waiting for Police. My answer is. IF you can wait for Police you must. You can only use deadly force to protect yourself from death/serious injury.....

  3. Aux Bear

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    Dec 27, 2010
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    And, the use of force by anyone, must be justified, and the individual/circumstances will be scrutinized by Monday Morning Quarterbacks (Internal Affairs, District Attorneys, newies, and the public) just as every officer is...... You too are responsible for your actions.
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